Matching Platform for Ukrainian and other European Cities

How does it work?

    I. Create or identifiy a profile.

Create a profile. You will also find other "requests for help" as well as "offers for help" on the homepage. Depending on your needs, click on the desired profile.

    II. Find contact persons.

You will find a contact person behind each stored profile. The corresponding contact details, mostly telephone and e-mail, are stored here.

    III. Get in contact

Get in touch with the desired contact person. Either by email or phone. When contacting by e-mail, we recommend English and Ukrainian - use common translation tools for this. When contacting by phone, we recommend using people with the appropriate language skills (preferably Ukrainian). According to our own experience, these do not have to be professional interpretors. In most cases, volunteering is easy and quick to find here.

    IV. Identify needs / performance options

Exchange ideas - what do you need or how can you support? In particular, the following currently seems advisable:

  • Aid deliveries (food etc.),
  • knowledge transfer,
  • Support for reconstruction measures.

For aid deliveries, the materials needed should be discussed in advance - a list of the required goods should be exchanged.

    V. Take action

After you have agreed on an appropriate support – take action! Using the example of the transport of aid goods, this would be the following from the supporter’s point of view:

  • Check with your local carriers for assistance.
  • Collect (through donations) / buy the appropriate relief supplies.
  • Organize the transport:
    • Agree on a handover location at one of the borders (Ukrainian partner picks up).
    • Find a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) to help you with transportation.
    • Alternatively, various freight forwarders close to the border continue to deliver directly to the Ukraine (with Ukrainian drivers).

Frequently asked Questions:

    1. Do I have any obligations after creating a profile?

  • No, however you may be contacted accordingly with offers or requests for assistance.

    2. Can anyone create a profile?

  • You should have appropriate official legitimacy from your municipality, region or organization. In addition, there are no criteria such as city size etc.

    3. Who is contacting whom?

  • This is completely open. Both, those seeking help and those offering help, can make the first step!

    4. Example tips: How do we organize a transport?

  • Here you have several options:
    1. Join forces with your neighboring municipalities, even if they are not yet registered with - you might be able to do it together!
    2. Ask popular aid organizations for support.
    3. Help otherwise. Get in touch for a partnership, for example, and offer your support for reconstruction measures.
    4. Ask for support at

    5. I have registered, when will I be activated?

  • Have a little patience - we will activate you as soon as possible.

    6. I have problems registering?