Berezna community


Population 7,461 
Men – 3358 
Women – 4103 
Children under 18 – 1209 
Pensioners – 4014
Persons with disabilities – 40
Internally displaced persons – 1629 

Berezna territorial community includes 17 villages with a center in Berezna.


The first recorded mention of Berezna dates back to 1152. According to ancient legends, the name of the settlement came from the birch forests that grew around the first settlement in this area. The second century AD Roman coins, burial mounds and the settlement of the period of Kyivan Rus dating back to X – XIII centuries were found near the village. 

In the beginning of the XVII century Berezna received the Magdeburg right. Crafts began to develop rapidly here. First shoemakers’, tailors’ and furriers’ shops were established. In the first half of the XVII century Berezna belonged to the Crown Hetman of the Commonwealth of Poland Mikołaj Potocki. Later it became an important center of the Cossack movement in Chernihiv region.

Church in Berezna
Church in Berezna Source

Hryhoriy Viryovka Museum of Local History in Berezna

The local museum is named after Hryhoriy Viryovka, an outstanding native of Berezna, a composer, choir conductor and teacher, who created the National Choir of Ukraine, which still bears his name. An Art school established in the community bears his name as well. In total, there are 15 cultural institutions in the community. The community also has an open-air concert hall, where numerous performances take place.

Hryhoriy Viryovka Museum of Local History  in Berezna
Hryhoriy Viryovka Museum of Local History in Berezna Source
Hryhoriy Viryovka National Choir of Ukraine
Hryhoriy Viryovka National Choir of Ukraine

Berezna Forestry

The area of Berezna forestry is over 8 hectares. Efforts are being made here to preserve and restore centuries-old pine forests of Chernihiv region. Recreational areas have recently been set up in the forest area. Local students, multiple local enterprises and organizations are being actively involved in reforestation.

Growing young pines in Berezna Forestry
Growing young pines in Berezna Forestry
Local residents taking part in Greening the Planet international Day
Local residents taking part in Greening the Planet international Day


The largest enterprises registered in the community as of 2021 are agricultural cooperatives, farms and enterprises specializing in poultry breeding. There are also five shops and two cafes in the community. Many small private farms are involved in grain and industrial crops production, as well as meat and dairy cattle breeding.

Another significant income for the Bereznya community budget comes from the lease of agricultural land.

Small businesses in Berezna
Small businesses in Berezna


There are four secondary schools, three kindergartens, one club center and one art school in Berezna community.

The Berezna Lyceum is the main  educational institution in the community. As of September 1, 2021, the institution had 20 classes with 438 students. The lyceum is able to accomodate 720 students. There are also 11 clubs at the lyceum. Studying is conducted both in full time and distance formats.

With the beginning of Covid-19 pandemic, and later the Russian war, the organization of distance learning remains a great challenge for the community due to the lack of stable access to the Internet among students.

Berezna lyceum
Berezna lyceum Source

Community and the War

From the first days of the Russian full-scale military aggression against Ukraine, the Berezna community was cut off from the regional center (bridges in the village of Snovyanka, the village of Kiselivka were destroyed). The Russian troops did not enter the community, but were based in the neighboring communities of Snovsk, Sedniv, Mena, Kiselyovka. The Berezna community hosted about 2,000 IDPs, most of them from Chernihiv. The households of the Bigatsky village of the Berezna community were shelled and destroyed by the enemy.


Volodymyr Pavlenko, head of Berezna community 

Volodymyr Pavlenko was elected the community head in the last local elections with 32 percent of votes. Previously, he had already been the Berezna village head in 2010-2015. Prior to serving for the community he served in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The speech of the community head during official holiday  celebration in the community
The speech of the community head during official holiday celebration in the community Source

After the War, Berezna community intends to attract more investment for the development of agriculture and services, as well as to create favorable conditions for the development of small and medium-sized businesses.

Another important task is to create more outdoor activities and recreation opportunities for local residents.

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