Kalynivka community


Population –  16 500 (before the War).
Children under 18  – 694
Pensioners – 2208
Internally displaced persons – over 2000 

Kalynivka community consists of 1 settlementKalynivka and 14 villages – Danylivka, Kozhukhivka, Lupovyy Skytok, Bobrytsya, Khlepcha, Vorovychi, Velyka Soltanivka, Dibrova, Bahryn, Mala Soltanivka, Skrypky, Plesetske, Poradivka, Rulykiv.


Kalynivka, the administrative center of the community, was founded as Vasylkiv-1 railway station settlement in the 1870s. One of the most significant monuments of the community is the Church of St. Onuphrius the Great. This architectural monument of national importance is located in Lypovyi Skytok. It is the oldest preserved wooden church in Kyiv region, which stands in its original place. It is located on a low hill.

The Church of St. Onuphrius the Great.
The Church of St. Onuphrius the Great. Source

Another important historical monument of the community is the Serpent’s Wall, ramparts which have been preserved in Plesetske village. They are the largest system of earthen fortifications in Ukraine. They were most probably built by the Scythians in the 4th-5th centuries BC to defend their territories. The southern part of the ramparts was restored during the times of Kyivan Rus to defend against Mongol Tatar raids.

The Serpant’s Wall
The Serpant’s Wall Source


There are 547 small and medium enterprises in Kalynivka community. Production of building materials constitutes about 73 % of total production in the community and is the main industry in the structure of the local economy. 

There are also 4 farms.The main crops produced here are sunflower, wheat, canola and corn. A significant amount of land is used for fruit and berry orchards.

Ivan Piddubnyi sports complex. Photo provided by local authorities.
Ivan Piddubnyi sports complex. Photo provided by local authorities.


The local sports complex is the true visit card of the community. It is named after the Ukrainian athlete, six-time world champion in wrestling Ivan Piddubny.

Interestingly, the sports complex was reconstructed from the old boiler house, the facade was changed and the interior was redesigned. New sports equipment was also purchased. Now, not only district, but also national championships are being held here.

Lavender park 

Poradiv lavender park is located in the community. It is located in the open air on the southern slope of a picturesque ravine. 35,000 narrow-leaved lavender bushes grow on the area of 2.5 hectares. During the lavender bloom, the park is open to visitors.

The Poradiv lavender park. Photo provided by local authorities
The Poradiv lavender park. Photo provided by local authorities

Community and the War

Although there were no active hostilities in the community, it came under significant rocket fire. 129 objects were destroyed or damaged. In particular, 6 blocks of flats and 105 private houses were completely destroyed. Another 16 multi-store buildings were damaged and need to be restored and repaired.

In addition, the air strike destroyed the JSC AS Investment oil depot and the LLC FISHERR fish processing complex. 4 other industrial enterprises located in the community were damaged.

The consequences of the Russian shellings and air strikes
The consequences of the Russian shellings and air strikes Source

Despite the strikes and shellings, from the first days of the full-scale war the village council and volunteers organized provision of humanitarian aid and medicines to the most vulnerable. The community also actively helped neighboring communities in hot spots. Local residents arranged evacuation of the population of these communities and provided humanitarian assistance.

Kalynivka village head 

Yuliya Oleksenko, the head of Kalynivka village community, started working in the village council in 2007 as a secretary-clerk. In 2010 she was elected secretary of the village council, and has been the head of the Kalinka village for 10 years.

Yuliya Oleksenko. Photo provided by the village council
Yuliya Oleksenko. Photo provided by the village council

After the reform of local self-government in Ukraine,  Kalynivka amalgamated community was established in 2020. The new community elected Yulia Oleksenko as their community head.

Yuliya Oleksenko is a young, ambitious and promising leader. She has far-sighted plans for community development. She also leads an active lifestyle, goes in for sports, plays football and tennis.

From the first day of the war, she has been actively cooperating with the military, helping to mobilize local territorial defense, which together with the Armed Forces and the police defended the community.

The development strategy

Building a railway crossing is one of the community’s top priorities for the future. The implementation of the overpass construction project could have been the solution to constant traffic jams. However, its cost of UAH 800 million is unbearable for the community for now. Until the project could be implemented, the Kalynivka village council started a more cost-efficient project that will partially solve the problem – construction of a tunnel. Unfortunately, all works under the project are currently suspended.

The community also wants to build a swimming pool and training facilities in one of the local schools.

The village council has already developed a project to develop a park area around the lake in the village of Danylivka. The green area will be used here for active leisure, around the lake running and walking trails will be built. Also the park area will be reconstructed and a buvette with an observation deck will be built.

The community plans to reconstruct a school in the village of Plesetske and build a kindergarten in Kalynivka. Currently, there is only one kindergarten  in the community, which accommodates around 167 children. A kindergarten for another 105 preschool children in the community is arranged at one of Kalynivka secondary schools. Both of these institutions are located in the central part of the village, while there are no education institutions in other parts of the community, located beyond the railway crossing.

In addition, the construction of the Soltanivka Industrial Park has begun. The implementation of this project is very important for Kalinivka community, as its construction will provide revenues from personal income tax, create more than 1,000 jobs and will be a multi-functional venue to serve other community’s needs.

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