Olyshivka community


Population – 3004 

The community includes a center in the village of Olyshivka, The municipality encompasses 12 villages: Anatolivka, Bessarabka, Vynogradne, Hlyboke, Kobleve, Luhove, Morske, Novofedorivka, Rybakivka, Tuzly, Ukrainka, Fedorivka.   – Smolyanka, Korosten, Seredynka, Topchiyivka and Sinozhatske.



The territory of Olyshivka was first mentioned in 1457.

A Kyivan Rus settlement of the 9th-13th centuries was founded in the suburbs of Olyshivka. Later, in the beginning of the 16th century, several Cossack farms merged into one Olyshivka settlement, which was mentioned in written chronicles in 1665. In the times of the Cossack state it became an important military territorial unit of cossacks.

St Michael’s parish, Authour - Nickispeaki
St Michael’s parish, Authour - Nickispeaki

Back in those days, the residents built a high rampart to protect their community from the attacks of nomads from the south,  the remains of which can be seen nowadays.  Tanning leather and leather-working were among the main traditional crafts.

St Simeon’s Church in Topchiyivka
St Simeon’s Church in Topchiyivka

The Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin in Olyshivka (built in 1784, re-opened in 1992), Simeon Church in Topchiyivka (built in the IX century) and St. Nicholas Church in Smolyanka (built in 1902) are the main historical monuments in the community.

Chernihiv region has preserved its own unique ethnic features and traditions in culture, music, singing and crafts. In Olyshivka these traditions are cherished. Here a local Pryalya women’s choir was established, which sings ancient Ukrainian songs. 

Its interesting to know that the parents of the captain of the Ukrainian national football team and English West Ham player Andriy Yarmolenko were born and lived in the village of Smolyanka in Olyshivka community.

Community’s Infrastructure

There is one school for 200 children and a kindergarten for about 50 children in the community. Three culture clubs and a library with three branches are actively engaged in preserving the cultural traditions of the region. The family medicine outpatient clinic in Olyshivka is currently under construction.

Local children with workers of a local library and culture club are celebrating traditional Slavic Kupala Night

The community head

Serhiy Malts was elected the community head in 2015. He was later re-elected after decentralization reform and amalgamation of the community in 2017. He is 32 years old. He is an economist by profession. He previously worked as an accountant. Also, he served in the Armed Forces of Ukraine  during the anti-terrorist operation in eastern Ukraine in 2014-2015.

Community head Serhiy Malets with his team
Community head Serhiy Malets with his team

Community and the War

The Russian occupiers, who were attacking Kyiv from the East and North, passed
Olyshivka. Fortunately, there were no fighting in the community. However, the
only evacuation route, connecting Kyiv with almost surrounded and heavily
damaged Chernihiv, came through Olyshivka. Many women with children, who
have been forced to move to safer regions of Ukraine during active hostilities
through the community, are now returning home. The local school canteens have
cooked food for the IDPs and soldiers throughout this time.

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