Radomyshl community


Population – 25,518
Women – 13342
Children under 18 –  5972
Pensioners – 5640
Persons with disabilities 458
IDPs – 4333

Radomyshl, a city-museum

Radomyshl is a city where every corner tells about important historical events of Ukraine and the world. Unique sites of ancient people have been found nearby. Until the 17th century, Radomyshl was owned by the Kyiv-Pechersk Monastery, and Metropolitan Petro Mohyla, the founder of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, visited here one of the earliest paper mills in Ukraine. At that time, there were similar paper mills only in Lviv and Ostroh.

In the 17th century, the city became the center of the Ukrainian Uniate Church, which united part of the Orthodox Kyiv metropoly with the Roman Catholic Church. That is why the city was often called the Ukrainian Vatican.

The surrounding villages add vibrant colors to the historical significance of Radomyshl. In one of the villages – Stavki, the villa of Dunin-Vonsovich, who saved Napoleon during the retreat of French troops, is still preserved. It also houses the oldest wooden school in the community, built by the noblewoman Olga Wangenheim.

Source: Ukraine Incognita
Source: Ukraine Incognita

Castle Radomysl

The historical and cultural complex Radomysl Castle, built in 2011 on the site of the former paper mill, which was destroyed during the national liberation movement led by Ukrainian Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky is truly a  landmark of the community.

The complex is privately owned by Olga Bogomolets, a Ukrainian public figure , who built the complex on the site of the ruins in compliance with ancient construction technologies.

Inside the castle there is a museum of home icons and a hotel. The complex stands on an island surrounded on both sides by waterfalls and a lake. Next to it is a park with rare species of plants. The ​​2,500 square meters complex is a favorite vacation spot for many tourists.


The historical and cultural complex Radomysl Castle Source: Wikipedia
The historical and cultural complex Radomysl Castle Source: Wikipedia

Environment protection

The Radomyshl community is a party to the Covenant of Mayors and is taking consistent steps to reduce carbon emissions. The community is consistently working to improve the quality of drinking water in the community, clean the rivers Teteriv and Myka as well as tidy up and create new green areas in the community.

On the territory of the community there is a natural botanic monument  – Krynychenka tract, where 400 – 550 years old oaks grow.

Astonishing 500 year old oaks in the suburbs of Radomyshl Source: Website of Radomyshl city council
Astonishing 500 year old oaks in the suburbs of Radomyshl Source: Website of Radomyshl city council


There are explored deposits of marble, rubble stone, clay and loam, used for brick production, in the community.

The food industry is also developing. The business card of the community is Radomyshl beer, produced by PJSC Radomyshl Beer and Malt Beverages Plant, which is exported to Moldova, Poland, Estonia, Great Britain, Israel, USA, Spain and Canada.

The Radomilk company, specialized in the production of dairy products, is another important local business.

An important elements of the community’s economy are agriculture, forestry and crop production in particular wheat and rye.

PJSC Radomyshl Beer and Malt Beverages Plant Source: Wikipedia
PJSC Radomyshl Beer and Malt Beverages Plant Source: Wikipedia

Community and the War

Radomyshl borders the Kyiv region community of Borodyanka, where fierce fighting took place. Therefore, the community from the beginning of the war was in close proximity to the zone of active hostilities.

Throughout the war, Radomyshl Hospital has provided assistance to more than a hundred servicemen and almost a hundred civilians evacuated from hotspots in Kyiv region. More than 80 of them – with gunshot and shrapnel wounds

Doctors of Radomyshl hospital Source: Zhytomyr 20 minutes
Doctors of Radomyshl hospital Source: Zhytomyr 20 minutes

On March 9, a Ukrainian air defense shot a Russian missile over Radomyshl. As a result, windows in many houses, which were located along the trajectory of the missle, were crushed.


The remains of the cruise missile, shot down by Ukrainian air defense over Radomyshl

City mayor

Volodymyr Tetersky was elected mayor of the amalgamated Radomyshl community in 2017. In 2020, residents of the community voted for Volodymyr Tetersky for the second time. Prior to his political activity, the head of the community held positions in the structure of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and was the head of the Radomyshl District State Administration. He served as a pilot in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“The war affected the community’s plans. However, the greatest treasure of the community is its residents. Hardworking and talented people live in our community. And only by working together can we succeed. ”

 – Volodymyr Teterskyi says.

“Radomyshl Territorial Community has great opportunities for sustainable development. For the second year in a row, it holds 7th position out of 65 in the ranking of communities in Zhytomyr region. It is a result of the joint daily work of the city council, councilors of all levels, village heads, all institutions, organizations, entrepreneurs and every resident of the community.”

Vision of Future

The main priorities of community development are the development of small and medium-sized businesses, energy efficiency, creating a safe environment, development of transport infrastructure and tourism.

The community started to develop its branding and marketing strategy.

Also, the community seeks to educate active and conscious citizens, so the improvement of educational services, youth support and quality leisure are among the important issues. The community plans to construct a skate park in the near future.

The community has partners in Poland – the community of Radomyśl-Wielki, Mielec County, Subcarpathian Province.


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