Ovruch community signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Polish Gmina Cedry Wielkie

Brave Ukrainian communities are establishing partnerships with European communities at the international World for Ukraine Summit in Rzeszów (Poland) on December 6-9th. 33 Ukrainian mayors came to the event to present their cities, and find partners and opportunities for growth. Today, Ovruch ( Ukraine) and Gmina Cedry Wielkie (Poland) signed a partnership agreement at the Summit. 

The visit of mayors is arranged within Cities4cities United for Ukraine initiative. The project’s main goal is to help Ukrainian communities find partners abroad and establish long-term relationships with municipalities in the EU. 

During the Summit the city of Ovruch from Zhytomyr region ( Ukraine) signed the agreement with the Polish Gmina Cedry Wielkie.

“Today we have signed a memorandum of cooperation with our Polish colleagues. That kind of support is important for us. We are especially grateful for the humanitarian support our partners are providing. Gmina Cedry Wielkie presented a fire truck to our community that will serve for the safety of our people,” says Ivan Korud, Mayor of Ovruch (Zhytomyr region).

During the World for Ukraine Summit, the mayors decided to establish strategic relations aimed at economic and cultural cooperation between the communities.

“It is very good that we had this chance to meet and to formalize our future partnership by the agreement. We have to help each other and, thus, show our common strength.

I want our community to be able to share our good practices and help our friends to develop sports and in the cultural sphere so that our children could continue our initiative of partnership and it becomes sustainable,” said Janusz Golinski, head of Gmina Cedry Wielkie (Gdańsk Poviat, Poland).

The project cities for cities initiated by SKL International in partnership with the cities of Lviv (Ukraine) та Sindelfingen (Germany) with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). 

The strategic partners of the project are the Association of Ukrainian cities and the All-Ukrainian Association of the Amalgamated Communities.