Two cars for Menska community from partners from Dombrowa

Menska community received two cars from partners from the municipality of Dombrowa in the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship of the Republic of Poland. This municipality has been actively cooperating with Mensk in various fields for 8 years. Since the first hours of the active phase of the war, the inhabitants of Dombrowa, led by the mayor, have constantly helped Menshchyna in solving the most urgent problems.

The need for vehicles for the Menska community was and still is great, as during the active phase, when more than 7,000 IDPs arrived in the community in March 2022, they were provided with municipal vehicles and residents’ vehicles. So during the occupation, cars, buses and other vehicles became dilapidated and many of them could not even be repaired. Therefore, we are very happy that our partners from Dombrowa municipality have been actively helping in every possible way since the first days of the war, and we are grateful to them and the Polish population for their help, which brings us closer to victory.

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