Chortkiv and Baden Sod-Salmünster are twin cities from now on

On June 14-15, the annual meeting of the Network of Young German Mayors took place in Berlin, which was attended by the heads of Ukrainian communities – Chortkiv, Hnivani, Kotsiubinskyi, Shyroke, Kupiansk, Hirske, Shulhynka. And the mayors of Chortkiv (Ukraine) and Baden Sod-Salmünster (Germany) signed an agreement on inter-municipal partnership. The trip of the Ukrainian delegation took place thanks to the support of the Hans Seidel Foundation.

Dominik Brasch, Baden Sod-Salmünster, said that in addition to concrete projects for immediate support of Ukraine, their communities will build long-term relationships in various areas.

“The network of young German mayors, in particular the mayor of Hofstetten, Martin Assmuth, personally makes a lot of efforts to help Ukraine in finding new partners for Ukrainian communities. Thanks to this cooperation, about 10 Ukrainian communities are already building partnerships with German municipalities. We also held meetings with various factions in the Bundestag as well as in the Office of the President of Germany, where we tried to convince German parliamentarians and officials to support this form of cooperation. It can become one of the elements of Germany’s participation in the reconstruction of Ukraine,” says Ostap Protsyk, an adviser to the mayor of Lviv and representative of the Cities4Cities/United4Ukraine project.


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If you are looking for a partner municipality in Europe, contact the Сities4cities|United4Ukraine team. We establish connections between Ukrainian communities and European municipalities to build strong partnerships and support Ukraine’s aspirations for EU membership and post-war recovery.

Cities 4 Cities | United 4 Ukraine – partnership initiatives that joined their efforts in September 2022. The Cities 4 Cities platform was founded by the city of Sindelfingen (Germany) under the auspices of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe. United 4 Ukraine was launched by SALAR International and the city of Lviv (Ukraine) with the support of the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida).