Apostolove Urban Territorial Community


Population (as of January 01, 2022)

Total: 21,827

Іncluding rural population: 8,758

The ratio of women to men is 55% to 45%, respectively.

Composition of the community 20 settlements (1 town, 2 settlements, 17 villages)


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The Apostolove territorial community is one of the largest communities of the Dnipropetrovsk region, which includes 20 population centres. The administrative centre of the community is the town of Apostolove which is, first of all, a hub freight and passenger railway station. This is a strategic transport hub – both from the point of view of the economy and national security of Ukraine. 

The railway station was built in 1904. A workers’ settlement was formed around the station, whose population grew rapidly with the start of train traffic thanks to railway workers and service personnel. Houses of station employees, merchants and traders who bought and shipped bread and other agricultural products were built here.

The railway station was named after the great-grandson of the hetman Danylo Apostol.

The station keeps military secrets from a century ago: in October 1920, the headquarters of the command of the Southern Front of the Red Army was located here.

The old station has survived to this day, and in 2007 it was reconstructed.

While at this station, you should take the opportunity to visit the Museum of the History of the Apostolic Division of Signaling and Communication, located next to the station.

Railway station
Railway station Source

Economy and Public Welfare

The community is agriculture oriented. Agricultural enterprises and agro-firms operate here.

Large farms are mainly engaged in crop cultivation – over 90% of the volume of produced goods (cereals, sunflower). There are dozens of farming enterprises here. On the territory of the community, vegetable growing  is well-developed and include peppers, onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, watermelons, eggplants.

On the territory of the community, the Zhovte-Kamyanka limestone quarry of PJSC Kryviy Rig Cement (the Kryvyi Rih Plant) is engaged in the industrial limestone quarrying. The plant produces cement of the world-famous brand (Zhovte village). Unfortunately, during the war, the enterprise suspended its work.

Also, in the village of Kamyanka and some others, there are deposits of red and white clay. Nearby are the remains of quarries where stone was once mined for construction. 

Zhovte-Kamyanka quarry
Zhovte-Kamyanka quarry
Fields of the community
Fields of the community

Community and War

Since the beginning of the war, the Apostolove Territorial Community has taken on most of the tasks in the humanitarian sphere by accepting the flow of refugees from the war, ensuring the functioning of the life of the town and villages in conditions of martial law and shelling, helping the Territorial Defence and the Armed Forces of Ukraine, building defence lines and fortifications.

Russia’s armed aggression led not only to the death of 8 local residents of the community as a result of shelling, but also to large-scale destruction.

As a result of the shelling on July 22, 2022, 7 ballistic missiles were fired at the town of Apostolovo which resulted in the destruction of all schools (the town had three schools, 2 of which were reconstructed in 2021 as part of the programme of the President of Ukraine “Great Сonstruction”).

The community has started the process of eliminating the consequences of this rocket attack on its own, but we need additional resources to restore educational institutions.

Lyceum 1 (before/after)
Lyceum 1 (before/after) Source
Destructions in the community
Destructions in the community
Lyceum 3
Lyceum 3
Lyceum 4
Lyceum 4

People of the Community

Andriy Osa is Mayor of Apostolove and headman of the community.

He has held this office since November 2020 after years as a businessman and public activist. He is a father of three daughters.

During his two years in office, he was able to discipline taxpayers, having withdrawn from the shadow economy dozens of entrepreneurs and land cultivators who were operating without proper documents and, accordingly, did not pay any taxes to the community budget. He created a completely new team of employees whose main principle of work is reflected in the slogan “Government and community are one team!”

He ensured that the community took ownership of two strategically important enterprises – the Apostolove town hospital and the Apostolove water services company, which were previously owned by the regional council – and tuned up their profit-making economic activity. The largest implemented projects are as follows: conversion of 8 institutions to alternative heating (pellet boilers), road repairs, reconstruction of the park area, overhaul of the children’s and therapeutic departments of the hospital.

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the Mayor has been one the site, cooperating with the soldiery and with the military administrations of the district and region. He mobilizes maximum resources, both personal and community’s, when organizing territorial defence of the community, construction of fortifications, reception of refugees, etc.

After the shelling of the town, he personally went to the scenes within half an hour. Once he took a local resident wounded by cluster shells in his car to the hospital, to save time necessary for his rescue.

Andriy Osa
Andriy Osa

Development Strategy

The Apostolove territorial community has recorded the restoration of the destroyed infrastructure in the future development strategy. High-quality access to education is provided by up-to-date educational institutions. The community will deal with their reconstruction in the first place.

The community is working on attracting investments and cooperation, having potential in mineral extraction and agricultural production, renewable energy, openness to business.

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