Population – 5,625 people.
women – 2877
men – 2748
The community includes: 25 settlements which constitute 7 starosta headed districts.


In the 18th and 19th centuries, the estate of the Bilayaev family was located here. A new round of community development began with the construction of the Kursk-Kharkiv-Azov railway line in 1869. This event radically changed the economic development of these territories.

Kursk-Kharkiv-Azov railway line
Kursk-Kharkiv-Azov railway line Source


Agriculture is the main focus of economy here. The largest number of employees, more than 37%, are engaged in the agro-industrial sector, which specializes in plant and animal industries.

27 farming enterprises operate here. One of the most famous is Glechok, which has been engaged in the production of goat milk and its subsequent processing into other products for more than 8 years. 90% of cheeses used in production are goat cheeses. 25-30 kg of cheese are produced here every day. And in the near future, Glechok will start production of butter, ice cream, and yogurt.

Glechok farming enterprise
Glechok farming enterprise Source


Since 2004, the Slobozhansky Duathlon has been held every year on the territory of Bilyaivka. Participants start competing in the running discipline, then complete the distance on bicycles and finish the marathon again by running. Even the war did not stand in the way and, despite everything, the competition has been held this year.

Slobozhansky Duathlon
Slobozhansky Duathlon Source

In addition, in 2014, UKRMAN, the most gruelling triathlon in Ukraine, was launched on the community’s territory. This competition includes swimming, cycling and race.

Community and War

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine, the life of the community has changed fundamentally. Two community’s settlements were seriously affected by the aggression of the Russian Federation.

Photos provided by community management
Photos provided by community management

Agricultural enterprises were destroyed and agricultural machinery was damaged.

Damaged agricultural machinery. Photo provided by community management
Damaged agricultural machinery. Photo provided by community management

Assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and internally displaced persons has become one of the main priorities for the residents of the community.

More than 1,000 IDPs were received and housed on the territory of the community. They are helped to solve social and household issues and are given humanitarian aid of various kinds. Whenever possible, humanitarian aid is provided to all residents of the community.

Humanitarian assistance to community residents and IDPs
Humanitarian assistance to community residents and IDPs Source

Village Head

Since December 9, 2020, Oleksandr Ivanovich Riznyk has been the head of the Bilyaivka village council. They are working on improvement in the community – repairing schools, gardens, installing playgrounds. For the effective development of the community, the Program of Socio-Economic Development of the Bilyaivka Village Council for 2021-2023 has been adopted and approved.

Oleksandr Riznyk. Photo provided by community management
Oleksandr Riznyk. Photo provided by community management

Development Strategy

Right now, the community is working on a new Development Strategy and has already identified priorities:

  • improving the quality of roads;
  • improving the quality of drinking water for the population;
  • improving the development of the social and economic sphere.
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