Davydiv Territorial Community


The Davydiv rural territorial community is located in the Lviv district, Lviv region (10 km from the city of Lviv).

The total area: 226,419 km2

Population of the community: 20,121 people (as of November 1, 2023)
Men: 7,271
Women: 8,851
Children: 3,999
Internally displaced persons: 210 (as of November 1, 2023)
The community includes 23 villages and has its administrative center in the village of Davydiv.


The Davydiv community was formed in 2016 and became one of the first united communities in the Lviv region.

Mentions of the first settlements on the territory of the community date back to the 6th century B.C. The most significant historical and cultural center in the community is the village of Zvenyhorod, the first mention of which dates back to 1087. Zvenyhorod is mentioned in the Tale of Bygone Years (Primary Chronicle) and the Hypatian Codex, where Prince Volodymyrko – the great-grandson of Yaroslav the Wise – was the ruler. Among the important archaeological finds of Zvenyhorod are birchbark letters.

Also, there is the Ancient Zvenyhorod Historical and Cultural Reserve located only 20 km from Lviv. The main site of the reserve is a museum. There you can see not only artifacts that are about a thousand years old, but also, for the first time in Ukraine, the medieval princely capital in virtual reality. In total, 12 locations of the ancient city were recreated. Four of them are interiors of churches and palaces, eight are streets, squares and panoramas of the ancient city.

Ancient Zvenyhorod Reserve
Ancient Zvenyhorod Reserve Source

The castle in the village of Stare Selo is worth of particular attention among other important and interesting historical and cultural monuments. It has an area of more than 2 hectares and was built in a special fortification architectural style.

Castle in Stare Selo
Castle in Stare Selo Source

Built in 1757, the Church of the Ascension of the Lord in the village of Cherepyn is famous for its unique iconostasis and is an architectural monument of national importance.

The unique iconostasis of the Church of the Ascension in the village of Cherepyn
The unique iconostasis of the Church of the Ascension in the village of Cherepyn Source

The Church of Archangel Michael in Dmytrovychi and the Church of St. Simeon Stylites in Kotsuriv are also architectural monuments of national importance, which attract visitors with their ancient senses.

Church of the Ascension of the Lord in Cherepyn
Church of the Ascension of the Lord in Cherepyn Source

Economy and Welfare

The Davydiv territorial community has a good economic and geographical location.

The PORT LVIV logistics center operates on the territory of the community. It is a place where business is created and developed. It is also a specialized enterprise, the main functions of which are cargo handling and storage, customs clearance, and information services. A modern office center is also located there, so it is very convenient to have the entire company in one area that has both warehouse and office spaces. Guests and clients can walk around the area, which has its own lighthouse and landscaped lake.

Logistics Center
Logistics Center Source

The Agrolife Kormy Company is a manufacturer of premixes and ready-made fodder for farm animals. The KORMIL trademark stands for over 10 years of successful activity on the agricultural market of Ukraine.

Agrolife Kormy Plant
Agrolife Kormy Plant Source

The Blum Ukraine Company is a representation of the Austrian company Blum in Ukraine. It manufactures lifting mechanisms, curtains, drawers and sliding systems, and also offers services and devices for their installation. The main office with a spacious and modern demonstration hall, as well as a warehouse with a total volume of 22,215 m³ is located in the village of Pasiky-Zubrytski.

Blum Ukraine Company
Blum Ukraine Company Source

Plantpol-Ukraine is a manufacturer of flower products and an official importer of planting material of European market leaders, Planton mineral fertilizers, as well as the only supplier of professional substrates of Hawita Gruppe in Ukraine. Plantpol is a co-founder and the only Polish partner of the Proven Winners Europe marketing group in Europe, which is part of the Proven Winners global marketing organization that unites leading plant producers. Through its membership in this organization, Plantpol cooperates with PW in North America, South Africa, Japan and Australia.

Garden Center
Garden Center Source

The community also has other small and medium-sized enterprises. It is actively working to create conditions for attracting new businesses.

Today, 14 general education schools, a sports school, 2 art schools, 8 preschool education institutions, a swimming pool, 17 community halls, a library and 6 out-patient clinics function in the Davydiv community.

Swimming Pool
Swimming Pool

The Lviv regional phthisiopulmonology clinical treatment and diagnostic center operates in the community. It is a high-tech medical institution whose main goal is to provide medical services of phthisiopulmonology profile and diagnostic procedures. It provides high-quality treatment using modern methods of diagnosis and treatment; a wide range of medical services – from routine diagnostic procedures to complex surgical interventions. The diagnostics of the center is based on the state-of-the-art technologies, which allow accurately determining the condition of the patient’s respiratory organs.

Medical Facility
Medical Facility Source

Community and War

From the first days of the full-scale russian invasion of Ukraine, a coordination center was formed in the Davydiv community, where military personnel and internally displaced persons could receive humanitarian aid. 

The community repeatedly received shipments of personal hygiene products, long-term storage products, clothes, blankets, sleeping bags, medicines, etc. from Germany, Italy and the USA.

More than 2,000 internally displaced persons who arrived in the community received temporary shelter and kits with basic necessities.

A good example of residents’ solidarity was the initiative of weaving camouflage nets and making trench candles. Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, more than 500 nets have been woven in the community hall of the village of Chyshky and handed over to the frontline.

Weaving camouflage nets
Weaving camouflage nets Source

Various activities are organized in the community to support and adapt internally displaced persons. As part of one of the projects, a resident from among internally displaced persons received the use of an oven and the necessary equipment for baking desserts, which helped her to engage in entrepreneurship. The community also provides relevant social services (psychological assistance, assistance in preparing documents, provision of food packages, assistance in employment).

Charitable events are also organized here, where funds are collected for the needs of the military.

Charity concert
Charity concert Source

The Village Head together with the employees of the Village Council visited the soldiers at the front and handed over humanitarian aid.

Aid to the military
Aid to the military Source

People of the Community

Volodymyr Kernytskyi is the Head of the Davydiv Village Council. He heads the community for the second term in a row.

Village Head and Military Chaplain
Village Head and Military Chaplain Source

The most important project implemented by Volodymyr Kernytskyi in the community is the overhaul of the swimming pool in the village of Davydiv, which was not working and was collapsing for almost 20 years.

Under the head’s leadership, three schools were built and the premises of other schools, kindergartens, community halls and out-patient clinics were renovated.

Opening of the additional school building
Opening of the additional school building Source

Also comfortable living conditions were created in the community: roads were repaired and constructed, street lighting and sewage systems were installed.

The Village Head pays special attention to educational and social initiatives. Gifted children studying in the community have been receiving one-time monetary rewards for several years in a row. And families in difficult life circumstances receive professional social support.

Development Strategy

The Davydiv Village Council has an approved Development Strategy until 2025, which highlights 4 main strategic goals.

To increase economic capacity and attract investments, the municipality contributed to the opening of Lux Wash and BAKITO companies.

They also signed a memorandum of cooperation with PORT Lviv Logistic Center to increase jobs, raise self-employment of the population and develop entrepreneurship.

BAKITO Company
BAKITO Company Source

In order to ensure a clean environment in the community, the reconstruction of treatment facilities and water supply and sewage networks were carried out.

Three schools were built in the community’s villages, road infrastructure was improved, street lighting was reconstructed, and video surveillance cameras were installed to ensure a high quality of life in the community.

Gymnasium Source

For the development of human potential, the sports and cultural life of the community, as well as the quality of medicine and social support of the population are constantly being improved.

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