Duboviazivka Territorial Community


The Duboviazivka Territorial Community is located in the Konotop District, Sumy Region.

The total area of the territory is 526.66 km2.
The population of the community is 9,860 people.
Woman: 5,158.
Men: 4,702.
IDPs: 290.

The community includes 33 population centers. Its administrative center is located in the urban-type settlement of Duboviazivka


The territorial center of the community is located 18 km from the city of Konotop, and the road to the regional center – the city of Sumy – passes through it.

There used to be an oak and elm forest on the site of Duboviazivka. This is where the name of the village came from.

In the 18th-19th centuries, the landowner settled his serfs here, thus establishing a hamlet. It was first mentioned in 1859. The peasants were in a difficult situation. They worked for the lord 5-6 days a week.

In 1888, a distillery and later a sugar factory were built here. Due to rapidly growing demand for sugar production in Ukraine, they started plant sugar beet crops in the community. But later, the Soviet government took power and the sugar factory was looted by anti-Ukrainian groups that launched repressions against Ukrainian citizens.

Children collect sugar beet
Children collect sugar beet Source

In September 1921, the sugar factory became operational and quickly resumed production and increased capacity. Later, a railway line was laid to it and it was extended to the distillery. This created favorable conditions for the development of plants and their profitable operation.

Duboviazivka Sugar Mill
Duboviazivka Sugar Mill Source

One of the most difficult and tragic periods in the history of Konotop area was the famine of 1932-1933 and the times of the Second World War. The community was under occupation for three years. In 1943, during the escape, the fascists subjected the settlement to heavy aerial bombardment. After that, a major reconstruction began.

Temples have been spiritual talismans of the village since ancient times. On May 6, 1993, the charter of the religious community of the Holy Trinity Church of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church was registered in the board.

Ukrainian Orthodox Holy Trinity Church in the settlement of Duboviazivka
Ukrainian Orthodox Holy Trinity Church in the settlement of Duboviazivka

Economy and Welfare

The main branches of the community’s economy are the cultivation of grain and technical crops, cattle and pigs, berry growing and horticulture. Personal peasant farms prevail on the territory of the community. A significant part of the land is leased by agricultural enterprises that use modern agricultural machinery. The community supports the agricultural sector and the industrial sector.

There are many agribusiness flagships in the community that export products abroad. They also support the improvement of the territory and the residents of the community. It is worth noting powerful and developed enterprises, the founders and managers of which are natives of Duboviazivka community, including as follows.

Today, Konotopagropostach Additional Liability Company specializes in the cultivation of grain crops, leguminous crops and oilseeds, ensures the export of products, and also provides jobs to almost 40 people.

Harvesting by Konotopagropostach ALC
Harvesting by Konotopagropostach ALC Source

Vitalia, a peasant farm, is one of the leading enterprises in the field of animal husbandry. The farm has about two thousand cattle and uses modern equipment of European models. It manufactures products that meet all international standards. The enterprise employs over 130 people.

Vitalia Farm
Vitalia Farm

Vesna-Agro LLC is famous for growing strawberries, currants, raspberries and blueberries. These products are exported abroad, while local residents have jobs. 

Vesna-Agro LLC
Vesna-Agro LLC Source

The pride of the community is a privately-owned company, Duboviazivka Bakery. This is one of the largest operating enterprises of Duboviazivka, and the Konotop district as a whole, and one of the main producers of bakery products in the Sumy region.

Duboviazivka Bakery
Duboviazivka Bakery Source

Community and War

For more than a month, the Duboviazivka community was under the occupation of Russian troops. Columns of military vehicles of the occupying forces continuously moved through the population centers of the community, shooting unarmed cars and houses of civilians. 

Mutilated house during the occupation by Russian troops
Mutilated house during the occupation by Russian troops Source

After the liberation of the territory, the residents of the community faced new challenges – reconstruction of the community, provision of humanitarian aid to the population, and assistance to the military on the frontline. During the period of 2022-2023, various materials, technical means and tools were purchased for the military with the funds of the local budget for a total amount of more than 23 million UAH.

Transfer of aid to the military
Transfer of aid to the military Source

The community is actively involved in helping the Armed Forces of Ukraine. With the help of dehydrators and autoclaves, the Duboviazivka community established the production of food products for long-term storage in educational institutions: stewed meat, condensed milk, dry borscht sets, dried fruits. 


Production of food products for the military
Production of food products for the military Source

Residents of the community are actively involved in weaving camouflage nets for defenders and regularly collect funds to help the military.

Weaving military camouflage nets
Weaving military camouflage nets Source

People of the Community

Head of the community
Head of the community Source

Leonid Bilyk has been the Head of the Duboviazivka Settlement Council since 2020.

Thanks to his active position, the community began accelerated development. The main efforts of the Head are aimed at attracting investments, improving the material and technical base and the well-being of the population.

Leonid Bilyk at the Vyshyvanka Day events
Leonid Bilyk at the Vyshyvanka Day events Source

More than 40% of the population of Duboviazivka community are poorly protected, unprotected and socially vulnerable categories. These are lonely elderly people, persons with disabilities, families in difficult life circumstances, families with many children. The leadership of the community directs its policy to support these people by providing the highest quality social services.

Personal reception of citizens
Personal reception of citizens Source

The community pays great attention to the development of sports and culture. Its athletes are the champions of the region, and the cultural and amateur teams are known far beyond the borders of the Sumy region.

Leonid Bilyk with the captain of the Vitalia football club at the award ceremony
Leonid Bilyk with the captain of the Vitalia football club at the award ceremony
The folk amateur team of the village of Shpotivka
The folk amateur team of the village of Shpotivka

Community youth policy is also developing. The youth program until 2025 has been approved and the youth council is active. Kupala Holidays are among the traditional young people’s celebrations. The girls gather together to weave wreaths and release them in the river.

Kupala Holidays
Kupala Holidays

The community is home to a talented craftswoman, Valentyna Ivashko, who works with her students on the aesthetic appeal of the community’s population centers. Together with young artists, Valentina decorates bus stops and other objects of the community with original paintings.

Bus stop in the village of Simianivka
Bus stop in the village of Simianivka Source

Development Strategy

Today, the community has a development strategy for 2018-2025. The management team is working on updating it pursuant to modern challenges and streamlining it in accordance with the changed regional strategy.

Management team
Management team Source

The development of the community’s industrial potential is considered an important aspect. The process of creating an industrial park continues in Duboviazivka community, a catalog of investment proposals, including attractive land plots and real estate assets, is being created.

The main directions of the community’s strategic activity are the strengthening of economic capacity, support and development of businesses, and improvement of the community’s infrastructure and quality of life as a whole.

The Duboviazivka community passed the competitive selection and became a participant in the USAID HOVERLA project – a five-year program under the auspices of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and DAI Global LLC (DAI).

Community leader at the press conference of the USAID HOVERLA Project
Community leader at the press conference of the USAID HOVERLA Project Source

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