Horokhiv Territorial Community


The Horokhiv community is located in the Volyn region in the western part of Ukraine. The total area of the community is 516.3 square kilometers. The Horokhiv community includes 8 rural starosta-headed districts, the town of Horokhiv, and 42 population centers.

The population of the community is 25,147 people.
Men: 11,819
Women: 13,328
Internally displaced persons: 347


In 1450, Horokhiv was first mentioned in written sources, namely in the deed of the Lithuanian King Casimir IV Jagiellończyk. The settlement arose on this territory earlier as evidenced by archaeological excavations.

In different periods, the Horokhiv area was part of various foreign states. Until 1569, the land was owned by Lithuanian princes and then passed to Poland after the formation of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

In 1795, after the Third Partition of Poland, the town of Horokhiv and its surroundings passed to Tsarist Russia. In 1921, the land returned to the restored Polish state. From 1944, the territory was part of the Ukrainian SSR.

The history of independent recovery began in 1991 after the declaration of Ukraine’s independence. Then the Horokhiv district was founded.

The Horokhiv urban territorial community was created in late 2020.

Built in 1844, the Ascension Church is one of the historical monuments of Horokhiv. The building of the Ascension Shrine has been perfectly preserved to our time and the interior decoration of the temple has remained intact. The church has a bell tower and a dome, built in the same style and of approximately the same height.

Ascension Church
Ascension Church

Economy and Welfare

The basis of the community’s economy is agriculture, as three-quarters of its land is fertile black soil. The community has prospects for the development of the processing industry.

There are 108 farming enterprises in the community whose main specialization is the cultivation of grain and oil crops. Among them are the family dairy farms of the Yukhymchuks and Boshels. The latter produce cheese according to a unique recipe. Currently, horticulture and berry growing are actively being developed in the community with the use of modern care and irrigation technologies.

The community’s enterprise Zavod Gorstal LLC specializes in the manufacture of metal products and employs over 180 people. Victoria Gold manufactures baby carriages and gives job to 70 employees. The community’s largest tax payer, Volyn-Zerno-Produkt is famous for its advanced technologies in the agricultural sector.

Volyn-Zerno-Produkt Source
Victoria Gold
Victoria Gold Source

The Horokhiv community has an effective field of education, for which the largest part of funds is allocated from the community budget. There are 21 institutions of general secondary education and 17 institutions of preschool education here.

Great attention is paid to children with special educational needs, who receive psychological-pedagogical and correctional services in educational institutions. Specialists of various profiles work with children. They are tasked to help each child integrate into society.

There are also 17 libraries and 22 cultural institutions in the community.

Much attention is paid to the health of community residents. The community has the Horokhiv Multidisciplinary Hospital and 5 outpatient clinics.

Community and War

The life of the community changed dramatically after February 24, 2022. Hundreds of volunteers from the community joined the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and others started actively participating in volunteer activities.

Community Volunteer Center
Community Volunteer Center

Initiative groups were formed in every population center of the community. From the first days of the war, they worked for the needs of soldiers, residents of the front-line territories, and displaced persons. Food, dry rations, clothes, hygiene products, medicines, mattresses, and household items were collected. All this was quickly delivered through volunteers to those who needed it.

Humanitarian aid for those in need
Humanitarian aid for those in need

The Good Room has been operating in the community since early March. Displaced persons who have come to the community can get the necessary things, books, food, and medicines here. In addition, volunteers are constantly collecting funds for the primary needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Dozens of cars were purchased, hundreds of tons of products and essential items, first-aid kits, lanterns, and chargers were shipped.

Thousands of camouflage nets and costumes were woven by residents, more than 300 home-made ovens were made for cooking in the field. That is, the whole community worked and is working to provide for the servicemen and for our Victory.

Also, a voluntary military formation was created in the Horokhiv community to protect the area.

People of the Community

Mayor Viktor Hodyk
Mayor Viktor Hodyk

Viktor Hodyk is the Mayor of Horokhiv. In 2009, he was elected to this post for the first time and then reelected in 2010, 2015 and 2020.

The community is a member of the Association of Ukrainian Cities and the Mayors for Economic Growth (M4EG) initiative network. In 2020, in cooperation with U-LEAD and Europe, a project was implemented to equip the Administrative Services Center with 8 workplaces. In 2020, a Memorandum of Cooperation was signed with the Eastern Europe Foundation.

This cooperation resulted in the implementation of Public Budget e-governance services, e-petitions, e-consultations, and Svoi municipal chatbot. The electronic platform Open City is currently at the stage of implementation. It will speed up the interaction between the government and the community.

The Community Administrative Services Center provides more than 170 services. In particular, here you can receive passports for domestic use and travelling abroad, register an individual, a legal entity, ownership rights to a plot of land etc.

Since 2021, the community has been a partner of the USAID Hoverla project. This cooperation resulted in the implementation of a number of projects to improve the quality of services. In February 2023, the Horokhiv Hub educational space was opened, which became a lively communication platform for community residents. Modern geodetic equipment was purchased to improve rational land management. The logistical support of the community in responding to emergency situations has improved. Also, utility services are now provided faster and better thanks to the excavator received within the framework of the project.

Vitalii Hladun, a well-known volunteer, started volunteering as a member of the Horokhiv Volunteer Center in March 2014 and became the coordinator of the volunteer movement in the Horokhiv area in 2015. The volunteer center operates on the basis of SHCHYT, a Horokhiv district union of Anti-Terrorist Operation participants (public organization). His wife Tetyana and two sons help him at all times.

Volunteer Vitalii Hladun
Volunteer Vitalii Hladun

The volunteer center received first-aid kits and dozens of other items for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the Karls Company (Rostock, Germany) headed by Robert Dahl for the total amount of EUR 200,000 and from private individuals for the total amount of EUR 50,000 and handed them over. A large amount of humanitarian aid – more than 3 truckloads – was also received and transferred to those in need. Other organizations also provided their help.

Transfer of humanitarian aid
Transfer of humanitarian aid

Development Strategy

The first Community Development Strategy was created and approved in 2021. However, changing challenges and conditions force the community to adjust its efforts, so this year the community is working on updating its Strategy with the support of partners – USAID HOVERLA and USAID PATH projects.

The main areas to which the community’s resources will be directed are the development of human capital, improvement of the quality of public services, creation of conditions for the development of small businesses, and continued development of the community’s area for the comfort of residents.

Vyshyvanka Day
Vyshyvanka Day

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