Kopychyntsi Territorial Community


The Kopychyntsi community is located in the south of the Ternopil Region.

As of 01 February 2023, the population of the community totalled 13,200 residents.

Men – 5,280
Women – 7,920
The total surface area of the community is 170.7 km²
The number of internally displaced persons is 746.
Including men – 171, women – 350, children – 225.

The Kopychyntsi community includes 12 settlements:

the town of Kopychyntsi, which is the centre of the community, and 11 villages.


The centre of the community is the town of Kopychyntsi, which was founded in 1443. Kopychyntsi is one of the smallest Galician towns of the Ternopil Region and Ukraine in general. In addition to the fact that it lies like Rome on seven hills, had two castles, a stormy history, it is also interesting for its coat of arms with two crossed anchors. Also, according to one of the studies about Kopychyntsi, the Trypillia Culture people once lived in the territory of Kopychynets.

The visiting card of the town is the Nichlava River, the Kopychyntsi Pond, the Roman Catholic Church dating back to the early 19th century, the Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross built in 1630, the Synagogue of the 18th century, and other cultural and historical landmarks.

District court in Kopychyntsi, Galicia, 1919
District court in Kopychyntsi, Galicia, 1919

Economy and Wellbeing

The highest population employment rate in the Kopychyntsi community is in the public sector (schools, kindergartens, hospital), where more than 50% of the working age population are employed.

Almost another 20% are self-employed small entrepreneurs working mainly in the trade and services sectors. The next largest element of the employment structure of the local economy is made up by agricultural companies accounting for 15% of the employment rate.

The largest enterprises are a pig and poultry farm and grain production facilities.

The community has traditionally specialized in the production of sausages, which involves up to 10 small producers (more than 12% of those employed in the community). There are also the largest sausage companies in the community, the products of which are sold in the western regions of the country and in the city of Kyiv, and before the war they started exporting their products. There is a relocated business in the territory of the community, in particular, Mebli Technostyl woodworking enterprise relocated from the city of Kharkiv.

Masarivski Lypky farm
Masarivski Lypky farm Source

The Kopychyntsi community has a number of hotels.

Stary Tudoriv hotel and restaurant complex.
Stary Tudoriv hotel and restaurant complex. Source

There are 6 schools and 7 kindergartens in the community. Two local schools of art and the Children’s and Youth Creativity Centre are responsible for artistic development.

Activities at the Children’s and Youth Creativity Centre
Activities at the Children’s and Youth Creativity Centre

Sports, in particular football, are actively developing in the community. 2021 should be considered a year of the most significant achievements. That year the Nadia football club from the town of Kopychyntsi (U-17) became the champion of Ukraine.

Nadia football club team (U-17)
Nadia football club team (U-17) Source

The Kopychyntsi community is rich in talents. Recently, its athletes won prizes at the championship of Ukraine in biathlon, which took place in the town of Yavoriv.

Awarding the winners of the championship
Awarding the winners of the championship

Community and War

Since the full-scale war broke out, more locals have left the community (about 2,000) than long-term refugees have arrived (over 1,000). More than 3,000 internally displaced persons transited through the community. 500 local residents have been mobilized.

The community actively participates in helping the Armed Forces of Ukraine, interacts with international donors such as CORE, JERU, CESVI.

The humanitarian headquarters actively works in the community, which makes incredible efforts to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine with all the necessary things on a daily basis. Thanks to its cooperation with the international funds, internally displaced persons can receive free food kits and other essential goods. The humanitarian headquarters also organizes fund-raising for the military and reports on its completed initiatives.

Humanitarian headquarters team
Humanitarian headquarters team

In the community, since the outbreak of the war, the Posmishka UA charity fund has been actively working, making incredible efforts to find resources for internally displaced persons, implementing projects to help the refugees integrate into the local community.

Posmishka UA team, along with Save the Children, distributes food packages to internally displaced persons
Posmishka UA team, along with Save the Children, distributes food packages to internally displaced persons

In wartime, it is important to organize interesting activities for children. The Kopychyntsi Town Council and the Posmishka UA charity fund have created a space that is friendly to children and young people. Within the framework of this project, the children of internally displaced persons, together with the children of the local residents, attend classes of needlework, painting, dancing, foreign languages, etc.

Activities in the space for children
Activities in the space for children

The community is visited from time to time by foreigners who have the opportunity to volunteer and understand the terrible things that war brings.

Michael from the USA volunteering in Kopychyntsi.
Michael from the USA volunteering in Kopychyntsi. Source

People of the Community

Town mayor Bohdan Kelichavyi
Town mayor Bohdan Kelichavyi

From 2013 to 2016, Bohdan Kelichavyi got two master’s degrees in international law and e-government at the Tallinn University of Technology in Estonia. Also at this time, he studied for half a year in France, at the Institute of Electronics of Paris, under the Erasmus program.

From 2017 to 2020, he worked as a program specialist in Dnipro, and later as a specialist in local economic development in Kyiv under the USAID/DOBRE international program of material and technical assistance to united communities.

On 25 October 2020, he was elected the head of the Kopychyntsi Urban Territorial Community.

Since the beginning of his tenure, he has made every effort to implement new positive changes for the Kopychyntsi community. In particular, this included cooperation with international funds, new sister cities and towns, new international partnerships. Bohdan Kelichavyi is a member of the Association of United Territorial Communities.

Since the outbreak of the war, the mayor has actively participated in many international conferences and events, raising funds to meet the needs of internally displaced persons, negotiating over the delivery of new humanitarian aid.

Town mayor meeting the mayor of Ispra, Italy
Town mayor meeting the mayor of Ispra, Italy

Development Strategy

The Kopychyntsi community continues to develop effectively in many areas and currently has a planned strategy until 2027.

In accordance with the strategy adopted in 2020, the following strategic goals have been defined:

– economic development of the community;

– creation of attractive conditions for life, business and recreation.

In particular, these two areas include: developing the infrastructure, increasing public activity, implementing high standards in the field of education, creating opportunities for promoting an active lifestyle.

The community is trying to increase the level of tourism development, attract businesses to the community. Currently, the community is strongly focused on volunteering. The community has a volunteer headquarters that supports the Armed Forces of Ukraine on a daily basis.As part of many activities for young people, funds have been raised and good conditions have been created for holding meetings and other events. The Kopychyntsi community has a youth council that actively holds sessions and discusses youth policy issues.

Youth council meeting
Youth council meeting

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