Krasna Luka Territorial Community


The Krasna Luka Territorial Community is located in the territory of the Myrhorod District of the Poltava Region.

It includes 19 settlements. The administrative centre of the community is the village of Krasna Luka.

The total area of the territory is 247.18 km².
The community has a population of 4,400 residents.
Women: 1,970 residents
Men: 1,752 residents
Internally displaced persons: 300 people


The Krasna Luka Rural Territorial Community was established on 15 May 2018. It includes five former councils. And on 24 November 2020, the Tsipky Village Council joined the community.

Once upon a time, Chumaks, going to Crimea to buy salt or returning back, made sure to stop at the place where the centre of the Krasna Luka Village Council is now located. According to legend, they called this magical place Krasna (that is, beautiful) Luka. So the village, which was later located there, six kilometres from Hadiach, got its name from it. It was first mentioned in historical documents in 1708. The following year, the village of Krasna Luka of the Hadiach Regiment was given by Hetman I. Skoropadskyi to Mrs. Romanova-Borokhovycheva.

The mill built in 1907 became the first sign of industrial progress in the village of Krasna Luka, and by 1910 the village also had a berry and fruit wine factory.

The architectural decoration of the community is the Church of the Intercession in the village of Rymarivka built in 1906. The building of the Church of the Intercession of the Most Holy Mother of God is a unique religious building of the early 20th century built in the neo-Byzantine style and restored with great professionalism after several decades of ruin. 

Church of the Intercession of the Most Holy Mother of God
Church of the Intercession of the Most Holy Mother of God

The Oak Alley, a botanical natural landmark of local importance, located in the village of Maksymivka, is also an adornment of the community. There are ancient oak trees that were planted there more than 120 years ago.

Oak Alley
Oak Alley Source

And there is a botanical reserve – Zozulyntsevi Luky – on the outskirts of the village of Khytsi. The territory is of great importance as an area of meadow grasses and a habitat of a large population of flesh-red and Fuchs cuckoos (listed in the Red Book of Ukraine), as well as rare and valuable medicinal plants. 

Zozulyntsevi Luky
Zozulyntsevi Luky Source

Economy and Welfare

The economy of the community has an agricultural and industrial specialization. In the territory of the Krasna Luka Rural Territorial Community there are oil and gas mineral deposits; oil and gas enterprises operate – Hadiach and Valiukhivske deposits.

Individual peasant farms prevail in the territory of the community. A large part of the land is leased by agricultural enterprises. Vegetable and berry growing is gaining significant development.

The lands of the Krasna Luka Territorial Community amount to 24,718.70 hectares.

The community runs five preschool educational institutions and five general secondary education institutions. Cultural and educational work in the community is carried out by eight clubs and eight libraries.

The community pays great attention to the development of medicine. It runs two outpatient clinics and six paramedics and midwives stations.

They also care about a healthy and active lifestyle. In the territory of the Krasna Luka Village Council there is a stadium, an artificial football field, sportsgrounds with outdoor facilities, and sports halls in secondary schools. 

Sportsgrounds with outdoor facilities
Sportsgrounds with outdoor facilities
Artificial football field
Artificial football field

Community and War

The Krasna Luka Community borders the Sumy Region, where active hostilities took place, as well as the Velyki Budyshcha Community of the Myrhorod District of the Poltava Region, where Hadiach Safari events took place in the first days of the full-scale invasion of russian troops.

A significant number of residents of the community are defending Ukraine in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine; the volunteer movement of the community is active and developing.

Dozens of women of various professions and preferences united to form two strong and hardworking teams, which over time got their names: Larysa & the Team and Khyttsivski Varenyky.

Volunteer movements Larysa & the Team and Khyttsivski Varenyky
Volunteer movements Larysa & the Team and Khyttsivski Varenyky

These two powerful teams, together with the Culture and Leisure Centre of the Krasna Luka Village Council, participate in all the volunteer events that raise funds for the needs of the military. More than 200 thousand hryvnias were raised at charity concerts and fairs by united community volunteers. Voluntary movements have been repeatedly awarded with Certificates of Honour of the Myrhorod District State Administration, the Myrhorod District Council.

 People of the Community

In 2020, Viktor Romanenko was elected the head of the Krasna Luka Village Council for the second time in a row. 

Prize winner of sports competitions (the head of the community on the right)
Prize winner of sports competitions (the head of the community on the right)

Coordinated work of the executive committee and counsellors, constant communication with the community residents, aid to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, organization of charity events, support of volunteers, internally displaced persons, and community sports movement – all of this is his daily work. 

The head delivered humanitarian aid to the military unit.
The head delivered humanitarian aid to the military unit.

Development Strategy

Among the priority areas of activities and tasks, it is planned to carry out overhauls and repairs in various areas:

  • Overhaul and ongoing repair of public roads of local importance and community roads
  • Construction of the Fire Station (Safety Centre)
  • Reconstruction (overhaul) of the water supply network in the village of Svatky and in the village of Maksymivka
  • Creation of a flower park in the village of Rymarivka 
  • Modernization of the Krasna Luka library into an information and communication hub
  • Creation of the community tourist route
  • Creation of a community museum
  • Establishment of an annual cultural and artistic festival
  • Construction of a multifunctional sports ground
  • Overhaul of the canteen at the Svatky Main Lyceum
  • Overhaul of the Krasna Luka outpatient clinic
  • Construction of a greenhouse (at the Perspektyva facility)


The most important task is the formation of favourable conditions for the creation of jobs and the development of social infrastructure, the creation of conditions for the development of self-employment among the community residents (development of vegetable growing), the attraction of investors to process agricultural raw materials.

Football charity tournament
Football charity tournament

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