Krasnopillya community


Population (before the War) – 19 302 
Krasnopillya community includes 11 starosta districts, representative parts of an amalgamated community in Ukraine. The center of the community, uniting 43 villages, is Krasnopillya.
Krasnopillya community is one of the first amalgamated territorial communities in Sumy region.


Krasnopillya has historically been of immense importance for the defense of modern Ukrainian territory. The establishment of the village is associated with the construction of a defense line which held back the Crimean Khanate and the Nogai hordes. These events date back to the XVII century. In those days peasants and Cossacks from the Right Bank of the Dnipro River resettled here. They were granted to settle vacant lands here without tax for their regimental service. Since the 1920s, the majority of the population here has been involved in farming.

Holodomor of 1932-1933, genocide against Ukrainians conducted by the Soviet Union, did not bypass Krasnopillya with at least 90 locals having died of famine.


Sport achievements

Krasnopillya community is a sports community. For the second year in a row, Krasnopillya is hosting the Ukraine’s cross country championship in buggies and ATV racing.

In addition, Krasnopillya is home to sports talents and legends. Ukrainian biathletes, twins Valentina and Vita Semyrenko, were born and raised in Krasnopillya. They constantly take part in international competitions and have many sporting achievements.

Valentyna and Vita Semyrenky
Valentyna and Vita Semyrenky

Workouter Artem Sirobaba is another sportsman, who originates from the Sumy region. He set a world’s record in 2020, pulling up on a horizontal bar 18 times a minute with 45 kilograms over his back.

A story about Artem Sirobab on one of the most popular Ukrainian 1 + 1 TV channels 


Lavender from Hannochka on Instagram
Lavender from Hannochka on Instagram

Lavender paradise

One of the main decorations of the community is a lavender field in Uhroidy village. The field attracts many visitors. Local resident Svitlana Hannochka has turned her hobby of growing lavender into a working business. While visiting the lavender field, you can buy bouquets, do a photoshoot in blooming lavender or just admire the beauty.

Damages caused by the full-scale War 

Krasnopillya is located several tens of kilometers from the Ukrainian-Russian border. Therefore, the residents of the community were among the first to experience the hostilities. On the morning of February 24, 2022, the first explosions were heard on the outskirts of Krasnopillya. In the evening of the same day, Russian military equipment passed through the territory of the community, part of its territory was occupied.

After the settlements of Krasnopillya community were the-occupied they were devastated. The retreat of the Russian troops unfortunately did not mark the end of hostilities for the community, as Russia continues to launch air strikes, mortar and artillery attacks on the community.

The consequences of community shelling.
The consequences of community shelling.

The development strategy

The community actively integrates gender aspects into the budget process, which allows to increase the efficiency of the use of budget funds.

The main goals of the recently designed Krasnopillya community development plan is becoming a healthy, prosperous,  integrated community for people with  developed sports.

In particular, it is planned to increase the number of administrative services for residents to 300, create a social taxi service for less mobile groups, and  launch the Safe city program.

A healthy community development goal is about creating a compact multifunctional hospital (for secondary healthcare).

Developing a prosperous community prioritizes the building of an industrial park, restoring of the distillery plant, the implementation of green tourism projects, etc.

To develop sports, one of the main tasks is to create a multifunctional sports facility on the basis of the existing Kolos Stadium for professional training in 6 sports. Football, volleyball, basketball fields, gym, tennis courts, and  an inline skating track are planned there.


International cooperation

Krasnopillya community is a signatory to the European initiatives Mayors for Economic Growth (M4EG) and Сovenant of Mayors. Thanks to the U-LEAD with Europe program, a modern Center for Administrative Services has been built in Krasnopillya.

Krasnopillya village council was selected for participation in the initiatives Business-friendly community. Instruments for supporting business in communities implemented by Business Community Club with the support of the U-LEAD with Europe Program and  Strong Regions – Special Support Program for Ukraine, implemented by the European Union and GIZ, which will help to improve administrative, health and social services in the communities.

The community worked with many international partners, including Kusanone Assistance Programs, SKL International, UNDP, UN Women.

During the full-scale war, the community established productive cooperation with the Red Cross to provide humanitarian aid to those in need.

Humanitarian aid from the Red Cross
Humanitarian aid from the Red Cross Source
Yuriy Yaremchuk
Yuriy Yaremchuk Source

Head of community

As head of the community, Yuriy Yaremchuk introduced a model of socially responsible business, which serves the community. The local business supports provision of social services and renovation of infrastructure in the community. Among the important milestones in his work, the village head outlines building a modern center for administrative services, implementing a new Ukrainian school system and establishing an inclusive resource center for children in the community.

People of the community

Alongside local government, the community is created by its people. Among them are communal workers who are cleaning the sidewalks, removing dry branches, and arranging flower beds.

Landscape design in progress in Krasnopillya community
Landscape design in progress in Krasnopillya community

When speaking about local residents, it is important to highlight the contribution of the rescue servicemen. Nowadays, their job is not just to eliminate emergencies. Their other crucial task now is to inform local residents about the basic safety rules and means of detection of explosive devices, many of which were left behind by the Russian troops.

Rescuers explain to local residents about explosive devices
Rescuers explain to local residents about explosive devices


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