Kremenchuk Territorial Community


The Kremenchuk Urban Territorial Community is located in the Kremenchuk District of the Poltava Region.

The total area of the territory: 165.1 square kilometres

Population: 220,000 people
Internally displaced persons: 80,000 people
The Kremenchuk Territorial Community consists of four villages and the town of Kremenchuk, which is its administrative centre.


The year 1571 is considered the official foundation date of the town of Kremenchuk. In 1649, Kremenchuk received the status of a town. In the history of the town, there have been many manufacturing and trading shops that delivered their goods across the country through the Dnipro. During World War Two, from September 1941 to September 1943, the town was occupied by German-fascist troops and destroyed at 97%.

The landmark that remained almost intact is the Saint Nicholas Cathedral. In the pre-revolutionary times, the building of the temple was used in different ways: as a recreation house, an officers’ house, a cinema, a children and youth sports school. In 1991, by a resolution of the local authorities, the church building was handed over to the Saint Nicholas religious community of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.  

Saint Nicholas Cathedral
Saint Nicholas Cathedral Source

Active restoration and development of the town began in the post-war years. During the Soviet Union era, the town was famous for its production of heavy industrial machinery, road construction equipment, passenger trains and subway cars, as well as chemical production and oil refining. After the beginning of russian aggression in 2014, the town’s industry lost a significant part of its former sales markets and was forced to look for new ones.

Today, Kremenchuk is an important industrial town in the central part of Ukraine with a developed social and cultural infrastructure. There are a total of 159 cultural heritage sites in the town.

In the Peace Park, there is the only Gong of Peace in Ukraine – a symbol of peace and international commonwealth, which is found only in 11 countries of the world!

Gong of Peace
Gong of Peace Source

The town of Kremenchuk and its surroundings occupy a unique natural area of the Dnipro region. On the left and right banks of the Dnipro, there are the buildings of Kremenchuk and between them in the Dnipro valley – typical and rare semi-natural diverse ecosystems have been preserved to this day – the Kremenchuk reed beds and islands of various areas with forests, meadows and wetlands.

In the territory of the town of Kremenchuk there are six sites of the Nature Reserve Fund of Ukraine with a total area of 677.39 hectares.

Regional landscape park “Kremenchuk Reed Beds”
Regional landscape park “Kremenchuk Reed Beds” Source

 Economy and Welfare

The Kremenchuk Urban Territorial Community has a strong industrial and economic potential. The leading industries of the territorial community are: mechanical engineering and metalworking, oil refining and chemical, mining, light and food industries.

The Kremenchuk river port sells high-quality concrete of various brands and foundation blocks made by it. In order to strengthen the quality control of the products sold by the port, it has its own laboratory.

The port is open to river-sea ships and can receive cargoes from the ports of the Dnipro, Black and Mediterranean seas, as well as deliver the products of Ukrainian manufacturers to the European market. To store these cargoes, the port has indoor warehouses with a total area of 1,063 m2 and specialized outdoor warehouses with a total area of 30,600 m2.

Kremenchuk River Port
Kremenchuk River Port Source

The Kriukiv Railway Car Building Plant is one of the largest and oldest machine-building enterprises in Ukraine, a leading manufacturer of transport vehicles in Ukraine, including railway rolling stock. Over the 150-year history of the enterprise’s operation, the plant managed to switch from maintenance and repair of railway cars to a full cycle of production of railway freight and passenger cars, as well as subway cars and escalators, including the development of documentation and the switch to mass production (from 1930 to the present day, the plant has manufactured more than 540,000 freight cars, and since 2001, more than 750 passenger cars of locomotive traction, subway cars, interregional high-speed trains, diesel trains). The products of the Kriukiv Railway Car Building Plant are in steady demand both in the domestic market and far beyond its borders and are widely known in more than 40 countries around the world.

There are 17 municipal culture centres working in the town. There is a museum of local history, an art gallery, thematic museums, a palace of culture, schools of dance, painting, and a music school.

Kremenchuk has a lot of sports clubs and federations that work on a permanent basis: the municipal basketball federation, the municipal football federation, the municipal chess federation, the judo federation, a boxing school, a hockey school and others.

The town has 4 stadiums, 3 swimming pools, 2 athletics arenas, and an ice arena.

Community and War

The year 2022 became a year of ordeals both for the town and for all of Ukraine. On 24 February the full-scale aggression by the russian federation began. In order to promptly respond to situations that might arise during martial law, the Defence Council of the Kremenchuk Urban Territorial Community as well as the Humanitarian Headquarters were set up. From the first day of the war until today, people have been working hard, helping the Armed Forces of Ukraine and firmly holding the rear, bringing Victory closer.

During this entire period, the residents of Kremenchuk have woven camouflage nets for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, collected food and humanitarian aid, made dumplings for the front line and sewn balaclavas.

The first hours of the full-scale invasion. Meeting held by the community head
The first hours of the full-scale invasion. Meeting held by the community head Source

Even in wartime, medicine remains a priority for the town authorities. During 2022, major repairs of hospitals continued and new modern medical equipment was purchased. At the beginning of the year, a modern reception and diagnostic department was opened in the intensive care hospital “Kremenchutska”. During the year, oxygen stations were purchased and installed in the hospital where patients with Covid are treated.

Local hospital
Local hospital

On 02 April 2022, the russians launched the first missile attack on Kremenchuk and the town was fired upon by three enemy planes. The missiles hit the oil refinery and the surrounding warehouses of fuel and lubricants. Several people got burns; rescuers extinguished the fire for more than a day.

On 24 April 2022, the russians hit the infrastructure of Kremenchuk, i.e. 9 missiles destroyed the thermal power plant and the oil refinery. An employee died and seven other people were injured. The 2022-2023 heating season was under threat.

On 18 June 2022, six russian missiles hit the Kremenchuk oil refinery and two missiles hit the thermal power plant. It was the fourth shelling of these facilities.

The missile attack on the shopping centre in Kremenchuk on 27 June 2022 has been the most serious one in the Poltava Region in terms of the number of victims since the beginning of the full-scale war. 22 people died, more than a hundred were injured. This was a terrible event, which became a tragic date for all the residents of the town. 

Shopping centre after shelling
Shopping centre after shelling Source

Since the beginning of the full-scale russian invasion of Ukraine, the town has hosted about 80,000 internally displaced persons. More than 200,000 refugees moved to the Poltava Region away from the dangerous regions of Ukraine. Currently, the town has 68 points of invincibility, a help line for displaced persons, humanitarian aid centres and collection facilities, organized medical assistance by psychotherapists, and assistance to animals.

People of the Community

Vitalii Maletskyi has been the head of the territorial community since 2015.

Under his leadership, many projects important for the life of the town have been implemented.

Community head meeting the residents
Community head meeting the residents Source

In 2022, cooperation with the Nordic Environment Finance Corporation continued as part of the Energy-Efficient Rakivka project. Within the framework of the project, works on the reconstruction of outdoor lighting of six streets of the town are being carried out.

Repairs of highways in Kremenchuk continued and road signs and elevated pedestrian crossings were renewed.

Modernization of municipal electric transport was carried out and modern technologies were introduced to respond more flexibly to the transportation needs of the population in this difficult period for the whole of Ukraine. In 2022, significant efforts were made to provide stable transportation services even in the face of enemy fire and destruction of critical infrastructure.


A new car being handed over to the Kremenchuk Battalion of the Territorial Defence Unit
A new car being handed over to the Kremenchuk Battalion of the Territorial Defence Unit Source

Development Strategy

Before the full-scale hostilities in 2022, the town had a lot of ambitious projects for its development, which have been put on hold for now. They include the construction of a new bridge across the Dnipro River (started in 2021), the construction of a new heat supply facility in the right-bank part of the town, energy-efficient modernization of 66 municipal facilities (schools, kindergartens), etc.

Visualization of the bridge across the Dnipro River
Visualization of the bridge across the Dnipro River Source

Kremenchuk continues and will continue to do all it can to help the military in defeating the enemy. But, apart from that, the town authorities have a large number of plans for the development of Kremenchuk infrastructure.

One of the main areas is continued cooperation with the Nordic Environment Finance Corporation to improve the town’s municipal heat supply system as part of the implementation of the Energy-Efficient Rakivka project. On the Right Bank, the construction of heat-generating facilities and the modernization of the centralized heat supply system in the town will be carried out.

Moreover, in 2023, the Centre for Social Rehabilitation of Disabled Children will continue to be created. Construction of the facility began in 2020. In the new premises, a boarding house will be created for young patients and their parents, who will be able to stay with their children throughout the rehabilitation period.

The medical industry will also continue its development as it is planned to complete the reconstruction of the trauma department in the intensive care hospital in Kremenchuk. In the department, builders are intensively carrying out overhauls to create all the necessary conditions for patients.

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