Kruty rural community


Population – 3 344 ( as of 31.07.2022)

Women – 1961

Men – 1961

Children – 305

Kruty rural community  is located in Nizhyn district, Chernihiv region 130 km from Kyiv and 90 km from Chernihiv.

The area of the community is 14,016.2 ha



Kruty community was established on November 26, 2020 following amalgamation process in Ukraine. It consists of 14 settlements with the center in the village of Kruty, a historical place where in 1918 the Ukrainian soldiers and students stopped the advance of the Red Army, which had a tenfold advantage.

The heroic battle that took place near the Kruty railway station, 130 kilometers northeast of Kyiv, took the lives of about 500 Kyiv cadets and free cossacks.

As a sign of respect for the fallen young soldiers, a memorial complex – The Memorial of the Heroes of Kruty, has been installed near the Kruty station.

The monument in honor of the Battle near Kruty
The monument in honor of the Battle near Kruty

In the village of Zanky, now part of Kruty community, Maria Zankovetska, an actress and one of the most famous women of Ukraine in the late 19th and early 20th centuries was born.

Mariia Zankovetska
Mariia Zankovetska Source

Another well-known native of the community is the laureate of the Taras Shevchenko National Prize of Ukraine in the field of literature, the poet Ihor Kachurovskyi. There is a monument to Ihor Kachurovsky in the village of Kruty.

Economy and welfare

Agricultural enterprises that grow corn, sunflower, and wheat are the basis of the local economy. The Kernel company, the largest producer and exporter of sunflower oil in Ukraine, is among the most famous industries located in the community.

Also, the Mayak agriculture research station, which specializes in cultivation of new types of seeds and vegetables is located here.

Mayak research stration
Mayak research stration Source

There are three secondary schools in Kruty , where 245 children study. There are also two kindergartens in the community, attended by 63 children.

Two outpatient clinics and five rural health posts are functioning in the community.

Community and war

From February 26 to March 5, the village of Khoroshe Ozero in Kruty community was temporarily occupied by Russian forces. During this time, the occupiers destroyed and damaged schools, bridges, private houses and administrative buildings, as well as robbed shops.

Many private houses in the villages of the community were damaged or totally destroyed by the shellings.

The private house in Perebudova village, destroyed as a result of shellings
The private house in Perebudova village, destroyed as a result of shellings
A bridge was destroyed on Independence Street in Kruty village.
A bridge was destroyed on Independence Street in Kruty village.
A bridge destroyed in Kruty village
A bridge destroyed in Kruty village

Community mayor

Oleg Buzun was elected the mayor of Kruty rural community in October 2020. For over twenty years he occupied different managing positions in the Nizhyn district, having served as the head of the education department of the district, the head of the Nizhyn district state administration, the head of the financial department of the district state administration, and the chairman of the Nizhyn district council.

Oleh Buzun, mayor of Kruty community
Oleh Buzun, mayor of Kruty community

Throughout his work in the district Oleg Buzun has actively worked on attracting investments to the district’s economy. He organized the first in the district auction for selling a land plot for construction of a sheet glass factory in the village of Vertiivka.

He was also active in implementation of the project –The Preservation and sustainable use of peatlands in the Nizhyn district, supported by the European Commission and United Nations Development Program in Ukraine ClimaEast.

During the hostilities, the mayor and the village headmen continuously ensured the delivery of food, bread, and essential goods for the residents of the community.

Humanitarian aid for Kruty community
Humanitarian aid for Kruty community Source

The development strategy

On February 10, two weeks before Russia’s full-scale invasion into Ukraine, the Development Strategy of  Kruty for 2022-2028 was adopted.

The construction of the park near the Memorial of the Heroes of Kruty has been one of the top priority projects identified by the strategy.

The reconstruction of the Kruty village outpatient clinic and  the improvement of water supply for residents through drilling of deep wells.has been also mentioned as the most urgent needs.

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