Marhanets Urban Territorial Community


The Marhanets urban territorial community includes the town of Marhanets and seven urban- and rural-type settlements.
As of January 1, 2022, the population of the territorial community includes 47,688 residents

Men: 21,650,

Women: 26,038.

Internally displaced persons: 2,700 people


Founding of the Town

In the southern part of the town, in the Ostriv (Island) district, there is a hill between the Tomakivka River and the Kakhovsky Reservoir where the first Zaporizhzhya Sich was located.

Reconstruction of Tomakivka Island/
Reconstruction of Tomakivka Island/ Source

This island is called Tomakivka. The Tomakivka Sich existed from the 1530s to 1593. The settlement of Horodyshche had its centre in its southern part, bordering across the strait with Tomakivka Island and the former Sich. There was the Tomakivka Sich right here across the strait in the north of Tomakivka Island and a civilian town was located across the strait in a southern part of today’s Horodyshche.

Since 1886, the development of manganese ore deposits in the Nikopol Basin was underway. The Horodyshche mine was the first one. At the beginning of the 20th century, a railway connecting Kryvyi Rih with Donbass and Oleksandrivsk was laid through the basin. This greatly accelerated the development of industry in the eastern part of the basin.

In 1904, the Marhanets railway station was built on the territory of the Horodysche mine. Also, workers’ settlements arose around the mines. Electrification of mines after the construction of the Dnipro HPP contributed to the development of ore extraction. 

On October 22, 1938, the settlements around the mines were united into the new town of Marhanets.

Economy and Public Welfare

The main production, which provided the basis for the town’s existence, is manganese mining and beneficiation.

The  Nikopol manganese basin is located In the picturesque floodplain of the Dnipro, on its right bank. It is the world’s most famous deposit of manganese ore discovered in 1883 by the outstanding geologist V. Domher.

The town-forming enterprise is JSC Marhanets Mining and Processing Plant, which mines manganese ore and produces manganese concentrate used in the metallurgical industry. JSC Marhanets Mining and Processing Plant is one of the world’s leading enterprises engaged in the mining and processing of manganese ore. It occupies the eastern part of the Nikopol manganese basin. The processing industry is represented by JSC Marhanets Mining Equipment Repair Plant. This company has completely restored the production process in the foundry shop.

JSC Marhanets Mining and Processing Plant
JSC Marhanets Mining and Processing Plant

Interform, one of the largest manufacturers of polyurethane foam in Ukraine, with a successful history dating back to 1997, also operates on the territory of the community.

Community and War

From the first days of the war, the community received internally displaced persons (a total of 2,700 persons) and provided assistance in solving food and household issues.

Humanitarian aid in the community
Humanitarian aid in the community

The community has been suffering from the armed aggression of the Russian Federation since July 2022.

Since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, 32 residents of the community have been injured.

As a result of shelling by Russian troops from temporarily occupied Energodar, over 600 residential buildings of the Marhanets community, as well as utility buildings, town enterprises, municipal facilities, social and cultural sphere assets (a kindergarten, 3 general education institutions, an after-school education institution, an art school, the Centre of Culture, State University of Applied Sciences, children’s and youth sports school, 2 health care facilities), automotive equipment, power supply network, and gas furnaces were damaged.

Damaged property in the community
Damaged property in the community

On September 13, 2022, the Marhanets urban territorial community was included in the list of territorial communities located in the area of hostilities.

Head of the community
Head of the community

People of the Community

Mayor of Marhanets Hennadiy Borovyk has been residing in the community since birth. 

He has held the office of Mayor since 2020.

Prior to being elected to the post, he headed JSC Marhanets Bread-Baking Complex and Industrial and Commercial Limited Liability Company Agro-Khlib 

42 residents of the community were awarded the title of Honorary Citizen of Marhanets.

Development Strategy

In December 2018, the town council approved the Marhanets Town Development Strategy until 2025.

In particular, the Marhanets Town Council plans to implement the following projects:

  1.  “Reconstruction of the bank-filtered river water plant of Marhanets, Dnipropetrovsk region” to ensure stable water supply to residents and reduce electricity consumption
  2. “Reconstruction of the municipal solid waste landfill”
  3. “Major repair of the road that passes through the railway in the town of Marhanets”

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