Medvyn Territorial Community


The Medvyn rural territorial community is located in the central part of Ukraine on the border of two regions of Kyiv and Cherkasy. The total area of the territory is 23,246 hectares,

The number of registered population of the Medvyn Territorial Community is 5,060 people, including
Men: 2,363 (47%),
Women: 2,697 (53%),
People of retirement age: 1,532 (30%),
Children: 640 (13%),
The number of registered IDPs: 2,223.

The community includes 12 population centers with the village of Medvyn as the community center.


 According to legends, MEDVYN got its name for the unsurpassed quality of wines and meads that were produced by craftsmen in this area during the time of Prince Volodymyr the Great (Sviatoslavovych).

The first written mention of Medvin dates back to 1520. In 1620, it received Magdeburg rights. Historically, our people have respect for the law and value partnerships.

The Medvyn Territorial Community is a picturesque place located in the central part of Ukraine. The most attractive location in the community is Mount Totoha, which is visited by many tourists every year.

Mount Totoha
Mount Totoha

Economy and Welfare

The main resources of the community are land, forests, and scenic areas. The main branches of the economy are agriculture, tourism and health (recreation).

Fields of

Despite the short distance from big cities, the location of the community allows you to feel comfortable and at any moment find yourself in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere surrounded by fields, forests, lakes and unforgettable landscapes.

Residents have preserved and are constantly developing local infrastructure in the process of strategic and spatial planning of the area.

Medvyn Lyceum
Medvyn Lyceum
Medvyn communal institution of preschool education “Kapitoshka”
Medvyn communal institution of preschool education “Kapitoshka”

Community and War

In October 2023, the TELEMEDICINE ASSISTANCE project was implemented in the Medvyn community for the first time in Ukraine. This became possible thanks to cooperation with French partners – the public organization “National Federation of Civil Protection” (Federation Nationale de Protection Civile) and the patron of the project, the Servier Ukraine Company.

Opening of the TELEMEDICINE ASSISTANCE project.
Opening of the TELEMEDICINE ASSISTANCE project.

From the first days of the full-scale war, the community received a large number of IDPs from different parts of Ukraine.

Consultative and humanitarian aid for IDPs was fully and comprehensively implemented, more than 1,500 internally displaced persons were registered in the first weeks of the war.

During active hostilities in the north of Kyiv region, the Social Services Center of the Medvyn Village Council received more than 60 emergency evacuees. Most of the displaced persons were elderly people.

Wards of the Social Services Center of the Medvyn Village Council
Wards of the Social Services Center of the Medvyn Village Council

From the first days of the full-scale invasion, the residents of the community actively joined the volunteer movement. Weaving camouflage nets, making balaclavas, knitting socks, charms, baking constitutes the work aimed at bringing victory closer.

Weaving camouflage nets
Weaving camouflage nets

As a result of military operations on the territory of Ukraine, many civil infrastructure assets have been destroyed or damaged. Families left their homes and became homeless. A significant proportion of people lived in rural areas before the evacuation and was unable to cope in the conditions of the metropolis.

The Medvyn community has become an important link in the large and significant project of the Zhyttieliub Charity Fund “The House is Next Door” which is aimed at providing housing for IDPs. This project provides an opportunity for families who were scattered by the war in different parts of Ukraine and Europe to get free housing, work in the community and integrate into society.

Thanks to this project, a large family of forcibly displaced persons from the city of Lyman (Donetsk Region) settled in the village of Medvyn.     

A family of displaced persons
A family of displaced persons

People of the Community

Village Head Ihnatii Serhienko, 49 years old, was elected twice to the position of the head of the Medvyn community. He has Ukrainian and European college degrees, lived and worked both in Europe and in Ukraine. The head managed to unite like-minded people into a single team whose work is aimed at building a wealthy and free community.


There are a large number of professionals working in the community who form an effective team of employees of the municipality and all institutions and subdivisions of the community. The community is open to people and partners.

A team of employees of the Medvyn Village Council
A team of employees of the Medvyn Village Council

Medvyn is a land of brave, hardworking and talented people. An example of this is Osaulenko Nadia. She has been on the volunteer front since 2014. When hostilities began in the East of Ukraine, she, together with her son, made several trips to the most hot spots of the anti-terrorist operation in order to deliver food. And to this day, this courageous woman, having rallied neighbors, acquaintances and complete strangers, is working to bring victory closer.

Volunteer Nadia Osaulenko
Volunteer Nadia Osaulenko

Many talented Ukrainians working in various fields hail from Medvyn, namely: film directors, architects, scientists, engineers, and poets.

Vasyl Vasylenko, a poet, conductor, People’s Artist of Ukraine, Honored Artist of Ukraine
Vasyl Vasylenko, a poet, conductor, People’s Artist of Ukraine, Honored Artist of Ukraine

Development Strategy

The community development strategy is aimed at economic development with a view of a high and quality standard of living; improving the quality of social life and well-being of community residents.

    The Medvyn community has great hopes for the development of recreation and tourism. There are plans to create tourist routes (Mount Totoha with its earthen embankments and powerful energy; a memorial to the victims of communist terror with a great history of the struggle for independent Ukraine, which is analogous to Kholodny Yar; the village of Sofiyka, where Sholom Aleichem lived and worked), hotel and recreation complexes (children’s camps, homes for the elderly), water park, ski complex, etc. 

Tourism and recreation require high-quality services and food products, therefore, the combination of tourism with the main economic specialization of the territorial community, namely an agrarian cluster, processing of agricultural products, production of high-quality food products, revival of classic and berry winemaking – is expedient, timely and necessary.

The convenient logistical location, the availability of sites for the development of industrial parks, factories, and logistics warehouses from scratch opens up opportunities for the economic development of the community.

Expected areas of future cooperation with municipalities:

  • cooperation in the field of municipal development;
  • business projects and investments in the development of solar energy, agriculture and processing;
  • medical and rehabilitation projects;
  • development of recreation and tourism;
  • cultural and educational projects,
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