Mokra Kalyhirka Territorial Community


The Mokra Kalyhirka rural territorial community was formed on September 4, 2015. Since January 1, 2021, the community has included 9 villages. The community is located in central Ukraine on the border of Cherkasy and Kirovohrad regions.

The population of the community as of January 1, 2022 was 4,850 residents. Its area is 177.8km².
Men: 1,105
Women: 1,658
Children: 916
People of retirement age: 1,173
Internally displaced persons: 170


The village of Mokra Kalyhirka is located in the large hollow near the ponds and the nameless river that fills them and is one of the tributaries of the Velyka Vys River. On the northern side, the village is protected by large massifs of forests, and the southern part of the community a few kilometers away is protected by the watershed of the Velyka Vys River. It was ponds rich in fish and fertile lands that became the main factors in the settlement of people here.

The first mentions of the village of Mokra Kalyhirka in historical sources date back to the 1750s, when it belonged to landlords Lyubomyrskys. The name of the village comes from the forward post, where the Cossacks defended against enemy troops.

The development of the village, trade, the emergence of enterprises for the production of sugar, oil, flour, and cereals caused the influx of the population. In 1908, there were 18 farms in Mokrai Kalyhirka. The names of the corners of the village, the former hamlets of Oliinykivka and Baivka have been preserved until now.

The Orthodox Church of John the Theologian in the village of Sukha Kalyhirka
The Orthodox Church of John the Theologian in the village of Sukha Kalyhirka

In 1923, the village of Mokra Kalyhirka became the district center, which existed until 1957. Education was established here in a two-class school that was opened in 1910 and continues to function even now. In 1984 it was moved to a new building. And since the same year, preschoolers have been spending their time in the new two-story kindergarten, which received the status of preschool educational institution and the name Romashka (Daisy) in 2006. Also, since 1957, a psycho-neurological boarding house has been operating in the village.

The development of the village contributed to the fact that Mokra Kalyhirka takes the lead in forming the infrastructure of the community. The local self-government body, namely the village council and its executive bodies, plays an important role in this.

Economy and Welfare

Growing agricultural crops is a priority industry in the Mokra Kalyhirka community.

The agricultural sector is represented by various agricultural producers. These are large agricultural holdings, medium-sized companies, cooperatives, small farms, individual producers who have their own equipment and warehouses.

The processing industry is represented by the enterprise Syrorob which operates under the trademark GOOD MILK. It engages in the production of dairy products, butter, hard and soft cheeses in compliance with high quality standards. More than 500 employees work here. Production is constantly being reconstructed and modernized. The sphere of trade and provision of services is represented by 45 private entrepreneurs.

Enterprise Syrorob, TM GOOD MILK
Enterprise Syrorob, TM GOOD MILK

The community has a network of general secondary and preschool education institutions: 2 lyceums and 5 kindergartens. The Mokra Kalyhirka multidisciplinary center of professional education was created and operates, which unites four professional institutions of the Cherkasy region.

Medical services for community residents are provided at the Primary Health Care Center which is located in two outpatient clinics.

The center of culture and leisure conducts its activities in 5 houses of culture. Also, there is a reconstructed gym with gym machines.

Outpatient clinic of the village of Yaroshivka
Outpatient clinic of the village of Yaroshivka
Outpatient clinic of the village of Mokra Kalyhirka
Outpatient clinic of the village of Mokra Kalyhirka

The religious community of the community is represented by Orthodox Christians, who visit two churches of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, and the Protestant church New Life, which is engaged in charitable activities and which operates a family-type orphanage.

The issue of beautification and greening of the area is of great importance here. The jewel of the village is the Park – a monument of garden and park art of local importance with an area of 7 hectares, where centuries-old trees grow. The park has always been a recreation area – a large number of holidays and sports competitions are held here. The center of the village of Mokra Kalyhirka and the area of the park needs landscaping and reconstruction.

Pysanka festival in the village park
Pysanka festival in the village park

Community and War

A significant number of community men defend Ukraine’s sovereignty as volunteers or mobilized soldiers. All residents of the community take an active part in collecting products and funds to help the soldiers who are fighting the enemy on the front lines.

With the help of agricultural producers and residents of the community, a minibus was purchased for the public organization Kalynova Hirka, by which volunteers constantly send cargoes with products, protective equipment, military equipment, medical equipment, and military ammunition.

Composition of humanitarian aid before shipment
Composition of humanitarian aid before shipment

The executive committee provides comprehensive financial and material support to the family members of soldiers who protect the sovereignty of the Ukrainian state. Humanitarian aid is also constantly provided to internally displaced persons.

To ensure the safety of the participants of the educational process and the residents of the community, shelters have been set up where people can hide during air alerts.

People of the Community

Village Head Viktoriia Pypa
Village Head Viktoriia Pypa

The first elections of the village head of the already united community were held on October 25, 2015. According to the voting results, Viktoriia Pypa was elected as Village Head of the Mokra Kalyhirka united territorial community and still heads the community until now.

Development Strategy

In the current wartime, all forces and means are spent on supporting the country’s defense capabilities, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, developing education, health care, and support for socially vulnerable residents, but the following priorities are in the plans for the post-war period:

  • Development of road infrastructure, social institutions;
  • Creation of safe, comfortable conditions for living, recreation and leisure for residents of the community’s villages;
  • Environmental protection, waste processing;
  • Construction of a football field with artificial turf;
  • Creation of a voluntary fire brigade with the formation of a fire and rescue unit;
  • Development of alternative energy sources, namely, construction of photovoltaic plants.
Community Day
Community Day


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