Myhia Territorial Community


The Myhia Rural Territorial Community is located in the territory of the Pervomaisk District of the Mykolaiv Region.

The total area of the territory: 391.1 km².
Population: 9,079 residents
Men: 4,382 residents
Women: 4,697 residents
Children: 1,713 residents
Pensioners: 2,192 residents

Internally displaced persons: 595 people (as of 06 September 2023)

The Myhia Community includes thirteen settlements: one township and twelve villages with its administrative centre in the village of Myhiia.


The village of Myhia has an ancient history as evidenced by the found fragments of clay utensils, stone tools, flint spearheads and a bronze needle, as well as burials of Olviopolitans. This proves the hypothesis that Myhia is indeed one of the oldest settlements on the Southern Buh.

The very name of the village of Myhia comes from the ancient Greek word “emigeia” meaning “my land”, which is how famous Greek historian Herodotus named this area.

Back in the 15th century, the Wild Field was settled by Cossacks, who built Cossack farms – winter quarters, where men were engaged in fishing, farming, beekeeping, hunting, and raising horses, cows, and sheep. Many Myhia islands and rocks still bear the names related to the Cossack period.

The era of the Skarzhynsky dynasty (1776 – 1917) left behind a well-developed economy at that time, a water mill, a windmill, a distillery, a cloth factory, greenhouses, a brick factory, and a granite quarry.

A water mill converted into a hydroelectric power station, which is still in operation
A water mill converted into a hydroelectric power station, which is still in operation Source
Agrarian school
Agrarian school Source

Economy and Welfare

The entire territory of the Community is located in the natural forest-steppe zone, and its natural and climatic conditions are good for highly efficient development of agriculture. Most of the territory is occupied by agricultural land. At the same time, the majority of these lands are highly fertile black soils.

Key activities: production of agricultural products, mining and processing industry, trade, tourism and others.

The main areas of agricultural production include the cultivation of grain and industrial crops, seed production, tomato cultivation. The production of seeds of super-elite and elite varieties of grain and industrial crops is carried out by three seed farms that sell high-quality seeds within and outside the country.

Sofia-Granit private joint-stock company engaged in gravel mining and Plast Company engaged in kaolin mining are the largest local enterprises in terms of the volume of industrial products sold. The Bandurka Oil Extraction Plant is a processing enterprise and one of the main budget-generating entities.

The Southern Buh River and the Black Tashlyk River flow through the territory of the Community. Myhia is a real mountain country among the steppes. International competitions in kayaking and rafting are held on the Myhia rapids because the local kayaking course ranks second in Ukraine in terms of the difficulty of paddling. In addition to rivers, there are twenty-eight water bodies (ponds) in the territory of the Community. The main sources of economic and drinking water supply in the Community are mine wells and water networks from underground sources.

Rafting on the Myhia Rapids
Rafting on the Myhia Rapids

The Community has a certain potential for investment attraction and tourism development. In particular, when it comes to industrial plots of land. The most appealing ones for investments are located in the villages of Myhia and Romanova Balka, and the township of Bandurka.

The Community runs five lyceums, six preschools, an art school and a station for young technicians.

Romanova Balka Lyceum
Romanova Balka Lyceum Source

Community and War

The local authorities have been working according to the military mode regulations – every day and 24 hours a day since 24 February 2022.

Since the beginning of russia’s full-scale invasion into Ukraine, the Myhia Community has been receiving internally displaced people: more than 1,200 people have been hosted. At present, 380 actually live in the Community.

A humanitarian hub has been deployed in the Community to provide aid to internally displaced persons, pensioners, and the disabled.

The authorities and people have rallied around the disaster, actively providing aid to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, volunteer formations, and families of the fallen soldiers.

Making trench candles for the military
Making trench candles for the military
Aid organized by the residents for the military
Aid organized by the residents for the military Source

As part of the Women’s Power program, the necessary things have been purchased using grant funds and comfortable living conditions have been created for internally displaced women.

Aid for internally displaced women
Aid for internally displaced women Source

People of the Community

Volodymyr Bazaluk has been the head of the Myhia Territorial Community since 2020.

Volodymyr Bazaluk – head of the Myhia Territorial Community
Volodymyr Bazaluk – head of the Myhia Territorial Community

Since the beginning of the war, the head of the Community has managed to unite the Community, coordinate the work of the executive committee, the counsellors, communal enterprises and the community to ensure the smooth functioning of all the spheres of the Community’s life.

Before the outbreak of the full-scale war, the Community implemented projects involving the overhauls of roads, reconstruction of the volleyball court, overhaul of the roof of the culture centre, installation of an automated alarm system in the school, and overhaul of water supply networks.

During 2022, he organized the arrangement of protective structures of civil defence (the simplest shelters) in the lyceums of the Community.

In 2023, the implementation of water supply projects in the villages of Sofiivka and Myhia as well as the construction of a new protective structure (the simplest shelter) of the Romanova Balka Lyceum and the construction of a protective structure (the simplest shelter) of the Bandurka Lyceum is continuing in 2023.

Development Strategy

Today, the territory of the Community is open to investors who want to develop their business. Its advantages include a good geographical location, developed transport connections, developed infrastructure. This is evidenced by the successful development of enterprises operating in different sectors in the territory of the Community and nearby.

The development strategy for the period until 2027 has been approved in the Community. Vacant land plots are available to develop the local economy and implement investment projects:

  • installation of solar power plants;
  • creation of an industrial park;
  • new embankment construction in the village of Myhia
  • construction of a waste processing plant.

To improve the safety of residents, a local fire unit was recently opened in the Community. A total of 12 firefighters currently work in the local fire unit.

Local fire brigade
Local fire brigade Source

It is also planned to develop a comprehensive spatial development plan in 2024. Implementation of projects for the reconstruction of heat supply systems in educational institutions. Construction of civil protection structures (protective shelters).

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