Pavlivka Territorial Community


The Pavlivka Rural Territorial Community is located in the Volodymyr District of the Volyn Region. Its administrative centre is the village of Pavlivka. The community is located in the south of the Volyn Region.

It includes the village of Pavlivka and 19 other villages.
The area of the Pavlivka Community is 255 km2.
The population of the community is 8,842 people.
Working population: 4,948 people.
Internally displaced people: 40 persons.


The first written mention of the settlement dates back to 1405, when the church of the Holy Trinity and St. Michael was built there. In 1906, the town was called Porytsk and belonged to the Porytsk Volost, Volodymyr-Volynskyi District, Volyn Province.

The majority of the town’s population consisted of Poles and Jews. During the war, it was completely destroyed; the only neighbourhood that survived was Pavlivka, which later turned into a village. On 10 April 1951, by a decision of the Presidium of the Verkhovna Rada of the Ukrainian SSR, the settlement was officially named Pavlivka.

The visiting card of the community is the Memory-Sorrow-Unity monument, which was installed on 11 July 2003 in the village of Pavlivka in honour of the meeting of two presidents – Leonid Kuchma (Ukraine) and Oleksandr Kwasniewski (Poland). The meeting was held as an act of reconciliation on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Volyn tragedy.

Memory-Sorrow-Unity monument
Memory-Sorrow-Unity monument

Another local visiting card is the Proshchanytsia tract, which is located in the forest of the Pavlivka Forestry separating the villages of Zavydiv and Myliatyn. The name of the tract comes from the words “forgiveness”, “reconciliation”. At this place, peasants from the surrounding villages blessed their sons, husbands, and brothers for the liberation war in the Cossack army. There, Sich riflemen swore allegiance to Ukraine. Soldiers of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army came there to swear allegiance to Ukraine; in the first days of the Second World War, the headquarters of the 124th Rifle Division under the command of Commissar Zhiliakov was based in the tract.

In 2001, a chapel was built and consecrated there, and in 2002, a memorial was opened on the mass grave. According to an old tradition, on May 22-23, on the religious holiday of Nicholas, young Cossacks camp there every year. 

 Participants’ camp in the Proshchanytsia tract
Participants’ camp in the Proshchanytsia tract Source

Economy and Welfare

Agriculture is developing very actively within the community. Staryi Porytsk is a modern agricultural enterprise set up to manage and develop organic production facilities. The farm carries out its activities in two main areas: dairy cattle breeding and plant breeding. As a result of using modern technologies and strict control at all the stages of production, the highest indicators of product quality have been achieved by the enterprise.

Staryi Porytsk enterprise
Staryi Porytsk enterprise Source

Pavlivskyi Pyvzavod and Yodanka enterprises also operate in the community. Pyvzavod is one of the seven breweries in Ukraine that continue brewing natural beer. And the second company produces ecologically clean water called Yodanka Pavlivska, which has no match in Ukraine.

Enterprise Source

Education is actively developing in the territory of the Community, which runs eight general secondary education institutions, including four lyceums, two grammar schools, two elementary schools, and nine preschool education institutions.

In 2019, the Sonechko kindergarten was opened in the village of Topylyshche.

Kindergarten opening ceremony
Kindergarten opening ceremony

The preschool department of the Pavlivka Lyceum and the inclusive resource centre in the village of Starosillia were opened as well (2019).

Lyceum opening ceremony
Lyceum opening ceremony

The Administrative Services Centre and premises for the employees of the Village Council were opened with the support of the U-LEAD with Europe Program (2020).

Administrative Services Centre
Administrative Services Centre

The community also runs 24 culture centres.

The community is proud of its two folk amateur groups: Berehynia folk amateur folklore and ethnographic group.

  Berehynia group at the insurgent song festival in the city of Lutsk
Berehynia group at the insurgent song festival in the city of Lutsk Source
Wreath of Periwinkle folk vocal ensemble
Wreath of Periwinkle folk vocal ensemble Source

The community has an active cultural life. Various contests, festivals, and group performances on various holidays are held there.

Singing Family of the Pavlivka Community contest
Singing Family of the Pavlivka Community contest
Under the Sky youth festival in the village of Lukovychi
Under the Sky youth festival in the village of Lukovychi

The community also cares about the health of its residents and runs three outpatient clinics of general practice of family medicine, sixteen paramedics and midwives stations.

There is a Social Services Centre with two departments that provide social assistance at home, inpatient care for permanent or temporary residents.

In 2020, the renovated Rykovychi family medicine outpatient clinic was opened in the village of Rykovychi in the Pavlivka Community.

In the village of Pavlivka, a newly built outpatient clinic of family medicine was opened in 2020.

Outpatient clinic
Outpatient clinic

Within the framework of the international technical assistance project “Strengthening the potential of volunteer fire-rescue units in rescuing victims of accidents on the roads of the Lublin Voivodship and the Volyn Region”, which started in late 2018 as part of the Cross-Border Cooperation Program Poland-Belarus-Ukraine 2014-2020, the following rescue equipment was purchased: a combined tool – scissors-expanders with an electric drive, medical rescue bags and ve

   Equipment that helps local rescuers
Equipment that helps local rescuers

Community and War

The full-scale invasion by russian troops affected all the Ukrainian families and all the territories. It became a challenge for the community to mobilize, calm people down, organize work, and ensure the protection of certain sites, be able to continue the already started works and implement the planned ones.

On the first day of the new stage of the war, people gathered together with the entire team of the local authorities to determine the strategic areas of their activities.

Of course, many issues had to be discovered and solved in a new way. It was quite unusual and specific for the local self-government body. But the community coped with everything: they shared the responsibilities and began to organize and ensure all the necessary works.

Fortunately, there have been no military operations in the territory of the community. But from the very beginning of the full-scale invasion, all the efforts were focused on how to help and support Ukrainian servicemen.

Residents of the community sort humanitarian aid
Residents of the community sort humanitarian aid

A great support for Ukrainian servicemen was the help from the natives of the community who now live abroad.

Aid from the partners of the community of Wojsławice, Republic of Poland
Aid from the partners of the community of Wojsławice, Republic of Poland

In addition, the Pavlivka Community provides aid to the regions of Ukraine that are suffering from the enemy. This time it helps the Kharkiv Region to cope with the ordeal.

Shipping food for the Kharkiv Region residents
Shipping food for the Kharkiv Region residents Source

People of the Community

Community head: Andrii Sapozhnyk (41 years old).

Community head
Community head

He was born in the village of Rykovychi, Ivanychi District, Volyn Region. He started working in 2001.

Since 25 October 2020, he has been running the Pavlivka Village Council of the 8th convocation. 

In 2017, the Public Formation “Guard of Order in the Pavlivka Community” was created.

The community took part in the four rounds of the project “Policy for Ukraine Local Self-Governance” (PULSE). The project is implemented by the Ukrainian Cities Association (UCA) in partnership with the Council for International Scientific Research and Exchanges IREX/Ukraine with the financial support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Development Strategy

In 2017, the Pavlivka Community drafted and approved its Strategic Plan for the Development of the Pavlivka United Territorial Community until 2028.

The main problems of the community: the disposal of household waste, the development of tourism and small and medium-sized businesses – these are the issues that need to be solved first and are a priority objective. There is no culture centre in the administrative centre of the community, which makes it impossible to properly develop the leisure time of the youth and the population.

The community works to:

  1. Improve its solid household waste management.
  2. Create tourist zones and routes.

2.1 Create its own presentable historical and cultural space and new tourist facilities.

  1. Promote the local producers, help develop small and medium-sized businesses.

On 28 May 2019, a cooperation agreement was signed between the Pavlivka Community and the Wojsławice Community of Poland, which belongs to the Lublin Voivodship.

Cooperation Agreement
Cooperation Agreement

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