Pavlohrad Territorial Community


Pavlohrad is located between Zaporizhzhia, Dnipro, Donetsk and Kharkiv at the confluence of the Samara and Vovcha rivers.

The population is 104,000 residents and about 20,000 internally displaced persons.

Men: 45.7%
Women: 54.3%

A third of the population is young people under the age of 30.


The history of the city goes back to the 17th century and is connected with the famous Cossack history of Zaporizhzhia Sich, when the Cossack camp arranged a ferry across the Vovcha River on the territory of present-day Pavlohrad in 1660. A retired Zaporizhzhian, military sergeant Matviy Khyzhniak settled here in 1770. By order of the Azov governor, his winter camp became the state military settlement of Matviyivka, and soon Matviyivka was renamed Luhansk. In 1784, it received the status of a county town and the name Pavlohrad.

At the end of the 19th century, Pavlohrad became a well-known centre of grain and flour trade.

Since the mid-1950s, Pavlohrad has gradually turned into the centre of the coal basin and received the “title” of the capital of Western Donbass. In the early 1960s, Pavlohrad began to transform into a significant industrial centre.

Monument to Matviy Khyzhniak
Monument to Matviy Khyzhniak

Economy and Welfare

Pavlohrad is a powerful industrial centre. There are 19 industrial enterprises in the community which are engaged in coal mining; machine-building; chemical and food industry; woodworking; production of construction materials. There are also 620 small enterprises.

The Pavlohrad territorial community is famous for Ukraine’s largest coal mining enterprise – Pavlohradvuhillia (Pavlohrad Coal), which develops minerals in Western Donbas (Dnipropetrovsk region). The enterprise includes 10 mines, 23 structural subdivisions, and 57 social sphere assets. The company has over 26,000 employees.

Pavlohradvuhillia Enterprise
Pavlohradvuhillia Enterprise

Molochnyi Dim (Milk House) is a manufacturer of dairy products founded in 2002. It has 11 own branches on the territory of Ukraine. Since 2007, Molochnyi Dim has been part of the Groupe Lactalis, France, which ranks one of the world’s four best producers of dairy products and is the global leader in the production of cheeses.

Dairy production
Dairy production

The Pavlohrad Chemical Plant is a state-owned enterprise of the Ukrainian chemical industry that produces explosives, as well as industrial and household products for civilian purposes. It is of strategic importance for the economy and security of Ukraine. Production activities, services, research and development activities of the enterprise are certified within the framework of International Standards.

Pavlohrad Chemical Plant
Pavlohrad Chemical Plant

The medical sphere of the city of Pavlohrad is represented by 3 health care institutions:

– The Pavlohrad City Primary Health Care Centre which includes 9 outpatient clinics located in compact residential areas;

– Two secondary level institutions – Pavlohrad Intensive Care Hospital and Pavlohrad City Hospital No. 1 – which provide medical assistance to residents of the city and surrounding regions.

Modern medical equipment
Modern medical equipment

There are 18 institutions of general secondary education in the city of Pavlohrad:

– 10 lyceums,
– 7 gymnasiums,
– 1 primary school.

and 20 preschool and 3 out-of-school institutions.

Pupils at school
Pupils at school

Pavlohrad has a significant scientific potential as it has 4 higher education institutions.

Community and War

Pavlohrad today is a front-line city, a volunteer hub, a hospital centre and a safe place for people who suffered from russian military aggression.

World Central Kitchen provides humanitarian aid to displaced persons
World Central Kitchen provides humanitarian aid to displaced persons

Since the beginning of the russian invasion of Ukraine, the city of Pavlohrad has sheltered about 20,000 people. The city has a modular town for internally displaced persons.

The city receives humanitarian aid from various international funds.

Modular town
Modular town

Public infrastructure facilities were damaged during the shelling of the city of Pavlohrad. 8 assets were completely destroyed, 28 were significantly damaged, and 64 were slightly damaged.

People of the Community

Pavlohrad Mayor Anatoliy Vershyn was elected in 2015. 

Anatoliy Vershyn at the celebration of the City Day
Anatoliy Vershyn at the celebration of the City Day

The city government supports business development in every possible way. Free educational courses for young people have been introduced in the city, and a grant competition for starting one’s own business is held annually. The winners are provided with monetary assistance in the amount of up to UAH 150,000.

Awarding young people with certificates on completion of training
Awarding young people with certificates on completion of training

Development Strategy

The concept of integrated development of the city of Pavlohrad for the period up to 2025 has been adopted for the implementation of the city’s strategic projects.

Strategic goals:

A competitive city:

  • Diversification of the economy
  • Open space for the investor
  • Active community and business environment
City from a bird's eye view
City from a bird's eye view

A comfortable city:

  • Comfortable conditions for providing modern medical and social services.
  • Creation of conditions for effective activities in the field of culture and sports
  • Modern educational institution – access to quality education
  • A city with no suburbs.
Pavlohrad by night
Pavlohrad by night

A safe and environmentally friendly city:

  • Efficient and safe transport infrastructure
  • Development of urban infrastructure with the introduction of modern environmentally friendly technologies
  • Energy-efficient infrastructure
The Vovcha River and park
The Vovcha River and park

An investment attractive city:

  • Land inventory work is being carried out with data being entered to the State Land Cadastre;
  • There is an investment profile of land plots with infrastructure for business development and housing construction;
  • The city improves and simplifies the procedure for investors to do business.

Based on the results of the aerial photography, an inventory of the points of the State Geodetic Network was carried out in the UCS – 2000 coordinate system, and the city was added to the GIS system

The city takes an active part in grant and humanitarian projects:

  • “U-LEAD with Europe”;
  • UNDP program;
  • Humanitarian Foundation “A Man in Trouble”;
  • UNICEF and the Association of Ukrainian Cities
  • The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and others.

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