Population – 4,726
Men – 2,126
Women – 2,600
Children – 661

The Solobkivtsi community includes 10 villages


The Solobkivtsi community has a centuries-old history. In ancient times, there was a defensive town of Krasnepol in the administrative centre of the community which protected the inhabitants of Solobkivtsi and the surrounding villages from the attacks of the Turkish horde.

In the early 17th century, Yatsik Shemberg built a castle in Solobkivtsi, and the area around it was surrounded by defensive ramparts. The remains of the entrance gate to the defensive fortress have been preserved.

Entrance gate to the defensive town of Krasnepol in Solobkivtsi
Entrance gate to the defensive town of Krasnepol in Solobkivtsi Source

There are underground passages, also known as Turkish passages, on the territory of the community in the village of Proskurivka. The Haidamakas were hiding in these catacombs during their rebellion.

Lyudmyla Olyanovska
Lyudmyla Olyanovska Source

The community raises athletes

Among the prominent residents of the community are diplomats, doctors, and athletes. World bronze medallist in race walking and Olympic Games participant Lyudmyla Olyanovska was born in the village of Solobkivtsi. In addition to Lyudmyla, the community raised 6 more champions of Ukraine in various sports, including martial arts, kettlebell lifting, athletics and weightlifting. The community says that sport is one of the development priorities. That is why the creation of new sports clubs and playgrounds is recorded in the strategy plans.

Natural sights

The community is also rich in natural attractions. There are the Perekhidnyi Kamin Waterfalls in Kruglyak forest located in the village of Proskurivka. According to old-timers, water from a natural forest spring is healing. 

Perekhidnyi Kamin
Perekhidnyi Kamin Source

Economy and Well-Being

Solobkivtsi is mostly agriculture oriented. 9 industrial business entities are registered and pay taxes in the community.

TB Friut LLC is the largest enterprise here. It focuses on the production of fruit and vegetable juices.

Yablunevy Dar Plant, Solobkivtsi Village, Khmelnytskyi Region

Solobkivtsi’s Economy
Solobkivtsi’s Economy Source

There is an enterprise in the community that generates electricity with the help of solar batteries.

The community also has its own calling card – the Kamiany Sad restaurant, which is styled after the famous Kamianets-Podilskyi fortress.

Kamiany Sad
Kamiany Sad Source
Solobkivtsi Youth
Solobkivtsi Youth Source

There are 3 schools, 3 kindergartens, 1 art institution and 1 children’s educational and rehabilitation centre in the territory of the Solobkivtsi community. There are 6 hobby groups operating in the community, as well as a library with five branches.

Community and War

With the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine, the Solobkivtsi community has created a reliable humanitarian rear. Thus, since the beginning of the war, 38 tons of humanitarian aid have been sent to the regions most affected by the war. Residents of the community have organized weaving of nets, preparing food for the military, charity fairs and fundraising to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The Solobkivtsi community gives a hand
The Solobkivtsi community gives a hand Source

From the first days of the war, the community received 516 displaced persons, who were provided with temporary or permanent residence, food, medicine, hygiene products, and clothing.

The Solobkivtsi community gives a hand
The Solobkivtsi community gives a hand Source
Solobkivtsi UTC Headman
Solobkivtsi UTC Headman Source

People of the Community

Solobkivtsi Vilalge Head is Serhiy Kohut. A resident of the village of Solobkivtsi since 1974. He has two university degrees in Economics and Technical Sciences. He has headed the village since 2017. 

Solobkivtsi UTC
Solobkivtsi UTC Source

Implemented projects

The community was faced with the problem of drought which caused the reduction of water levels in local wells. In order to combat the problem, the project entitled Drinking water of the Khmelnytskyi Region was implemented here. It resulted in the laying of a water pipe to the settlements of the community.

Solobkivtsi UTC
Solobkivtsi UTC Source

The community also created a centre for social and psychological assistance for people who suffered from domestic violence.


There is a school of the arts in the community which includes two musical groups: Colours of Podillia and Dzhereltse. The young performers have already received national awards among amateur groups.

Built in 1937, the old school in the village of Solobkivtsi got a new life now. The school was reconstructed and transformed to the Centre for Out-of-School Education.

Before the construction
Before the construction
In the process
In the process
Solobkivtsi Community
Solobkivtsi Community Source

The community loves festivals and sports events. The annual competition Community-fest gathers and unites residents.

Development strategy

The community has formed several priority areas of development and is already working on the implementation of the following projects:

– Development of small and medium-sized businesses through the creation of family dairy farms, a production line of candies based on honey, nuts and chocolate under the community brand;

– Development of green tourism. Camping in the village – a new alternative to eco-tourism, as well as the Extreme sports-tourist rope complex are being created here;

– The community is strengthening the study of foreign languages. For this purpose, they plan to equip a language lab where, thanks to multimedia equipment, students will learn new languages ​​more easily and interestingly;

– Culture and sports are also priorities of the community. That is why there are plans to install a stage, create a park and a new sports ground.

– They also think about the safety of the community and the preservation of the environment. There are plans to create a security centre with volunteer fire brigades.

Project of the Citizen Security Centre
Project of the Citizen Security Centre Source
Solobkivtsi Park
Solobkivtsi Park Source


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