Children – 5,605
The retired – 6,671
Internally displaced persons – 3,948 (as of July 25, 2022)
Women: 2,700
Men: 1,248

The Ukrainka community includes 1 town and 5 villages: Trypillya, Shcherbanivka, Vytachiv, Zhukivtsi, Veremya, Halepya

Ukrainka is a pearl on the Dnipro

The Ukrainka community is located on the right bank of the Dnipro in the central part of the Kyiv region. The first mention of Ukrainka dates back to the 15th century in the deed of gift of King Sigismund. It is mentioned there as the village of Ignativka.

The community was renamed 4 times to its current name.

The construction of the Trypillia Thermal Power Plant (TPP) in Ukrainka’s territories in the 1960s and 1970s had a decisive influence on the community’s development.

In 1962, a site for the construction of a thermal power plant was approved on the right bank of the Dnipro near the village of Trypillia. In September 1972, the last sixth power unit was put into operation and the capacity of the Trypillia TPP reached the design value of 1,800 MW.

Since then, the construction of the city as we see it now has begun.

Ukrainka from a bird's eye view
Ukrainka from a bird's eye view Source

Trypillia TTP

The Trypillia TPP is the most powerful power plant in the Kyiv region.

Construction of the station started in 1963.

The main fuel is anthracite coal supplied by rail. Reserve lighting fuel – gas, fuel oil.

Since the start of operation, the Trypillia TPP has produced more than 350 billion kWh of electricity and 5.5 million Gcal of heat energy. Currently working in difficult conditions, the staff of the station can rightly be proud that the power station continues to be one of the most reliable and capable of carrying a full electrical load.

Trypillia TTP
Trypillia TTP Source


One of the oldest villages in Ukraine, it was first mentioned in written documents of the 10th century.

The village is located on the steep right bank of the Dnipro, from where fantastic views open up.

The tourist highlight is the wooden chapel, built according to Taras Shevchenko’s own design.

Chapel Source
View of the Dnipro River from the Vytachiv Steep Slope
View of the Dnipro River from the Vytachiv Steep Slope Source

Trypillian culture

In the autumn of 1897, Vikentiy Khvoyka found several settlements with materials of Trypillya culture on the territory of the Ukrainka community (the village of Trypillya).

Nowadays, there is Ancient Aratta – Ukraine – a private archaeological museum – here. The museum exhibits more than 500 items, including household items and tools of the Trypillian culture, collected on the territory from the Black Sea to the Danube, the right bank of Ukraine, Moldova and Romania. These items are 5-9 thousand years old.

Trypillian Culture Museum
Trypillian Culture Museum Source
Trypillian jug
Trypillian jug Source
Trypillian pictures
Trypillian pictures Source

Economic Aspect

The Trypillia packaging plant is located on the territory of the community. It is one of the largest manufacturers of packaging and corrugated cardboard. The company’s policy in the field of quality and ecology serves as a basis for ensuring its stable position and further development in accordance with the expectations of all stakeholders.

Local Self-Government

Ukrainka Mayor is Oleksandr Valentynovych Turenko.
On October 25, 2020, he was elected headman of the community.
Since the full-scale invasion, the headman of the community has been constantly in place and performing his duties, actively assisting the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Mayor Oleksandr Turenko
Mayor Oleksandr Turenko Source

A Vision of the Future

The Ukrainka community is a modern community located on the banks of the Dnipro, the largest and most important water artery of Ukraine. A community that is proud not only of its historical past, but also of its present.

Today, the Ukrainka community consists of settlements with great natural and geographical potential, which ensures dynamic business development and good recreation, with an active community and innovation-oriented local self-government.

The Ukrainka community in the future is a community with high standards of living and quality of services, developed infrastructure, with a modern and effective management system, open to cooperation, а community for active recreation and sports orientation and a progressive and competitive community.

The Dnipro river
The Dnipro river Source


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