Ushomyr territorial community


The Ushomyr territorial community is located in Korosten district, Zhytomyr region.

It includes 46 population centers and has its administrative center in the village of Ushomyr.

Population of the community is 9,475 people, including 4,906 women and 4,569 men

IDPs: 345.


The chronicles mention the settlement in 1150 and 1151 by name Ushska or Usheska.

 Ushomyr on Beauplan’s map  of 1648.

The first written mentions of a settlement with a name Ushomyr date back to the middle of the 17th  century . Ushomyr was marked on Beauplan’s map of 1648. In 1683-1684, the Cossacks Semen Paliy  and Zakhar Iskra took estate of F. Nemyrych (see Nemyrychi ) and stood there for almost 16 years.

In the 18th century, there were an orthodox church, a Roman Catholic church a synagogue , two tanneries, one brewery, stone quarries , an iron mine, two distilleries and a water mill in the town.

The Ushomyr rural council – the most promising community of Zhytomyr region –– was created in December 2016 thanks to decentralization by merger of six rural councils. The territorial community includes:

– Ushomyr Village Council

– Poliske Village Council

– Bondarivka Village Council

– Kalynivka Village Council

– Kupyshche Village Council

– Ryshavka Village Council.

The Veselivka, Biloshytsi and Lisivshchynka village councils were reorganized by joining the Ushomyr village council in July 2019.

The Sushky , Stavyshche, Novyna and Bilka village councils were reorganized by joining the Ushomyr village council in December 2020.

Ushomyr Park

It is an architectural monument of garden and park art of local significance with an area of 12.91 hectares. It was founded at the beginning of the 19th century on the basis of a 150-year-old oak plantation. 
A part of the estate in the park – a building were servants lived in the 19th century – has preserved in the community.

Garden square

A garden square was created in the village of Ushomyr in 2020.


The inhabitants of the zoo are mostly tame animals (including deer, wild boars, horses, and various birds).

Riding school. Equestrian cottage.

If you love horses, dream of mastering horse riding skills and having a good time in the fresh air, then “Equestrian cottage” is just for you!

Museum of the Matvienko family and Bilka village

The museum of the Matvienko family and Bilka village operates on the territory of the community and is located at 1 Matvienka Maidan, Bilka.

Economy and Welfare

292 business entities are registered in the community: 9 joint-stock companies, 2 forestry enterprises, 7 private joint-stock companies, 9 private enterprises, 1 additional liability company, 72 limited liability companies, 4 rural consumer associations and 187 individual

entrepreneurs. They include Ukrpaletsystem Private Enterprise, ALTE FOODS LLC, TNK Granit PJSC, Korostenskyi Schebzavod Additional Liability Company, Valky-ilmenit LLC, Acris Group LLC, Gulianetskiy Schebzavod LLC, UMCC-Titanium Irshan Mining and Processing Plant Branch, a Korosten Forestry Enterprise Branch of the State Specialized Economic Enterprise “Forests of Ukraine”, Granrozrobka LLC, Ushytskyi Combine of Building Materials PJSC, TASKO Corporation, State-owned enterprise “Korosten Forest Farm of the Agricultural Complex of Zhytomyr Regional Communal Agroforestry Enterprise “Zhytomyroblagrolis” of the Zhytomyr Regional Council.

Extractive industry has the largest specific weight in the production sector.

Agroformations, which carry out activities in the field of crop production: AKRIS GROUP LLC, Chernyakhiv Agrarian Group Private Enteprise, VP Polissia LLC, Kamil Group LLC, Nyvy Polissia LLC, Dobre Pole LLC, Ukrainian Food Alliance ECO LLC, Raymax LLC, Dobrobut Polissia Agricultural Company LLC.

The largest areas of cultivated land are owned by: AKRIS GROUP LLC, Chernyakhiv Agrarian Group LLC, VP Polissia LLC, Kamil Group LLC, Nyvy Polissia LLC, Dobrobut Polissia Agricultural Company LLC, Ukrainian Food Alliance ECO LLC.

The community has the Inclusive Resource Center, a communal institution.

It is equipped in such a way that both children and parents feel comfortable and relaxed there. It offers toys, educational aids and a friendly atmosphere.

 The Community and War

From the first days of the full-scale russian invasion of Ukraine, the residents of the community showed solidarity and devotion to their country. Everyone became a volunteer here. The community was not occupied; however, it suffered from missile shelling and destruction.  The Veselivka starosta-headed district was the most affected (a cultural center, a kindergarten, a school, and private houses).

Today, the community actively helps the Armed Forces: they weave camouflage nets, make  trenches candles and meals, and hold fairs where funds are raised for the needs of soldiers.

We participate in the all-Ukrainian project “Gardens of Victory”

War unites … Not in words, but in deeds we prove from our own experience how important it is to unite in these difficult times for our country  

Many residents of the community defend Ukraine’s sovereignty on the front lines. Unfortunately, there are also those who died in battle with the enemy. The burial of each Hero who gave his life for Ukraine takes place with full military honors, and the memory of fallen soldiers is honored during all events. The village council takes care of the families of our defenders. A veterans’ hub has been created in the community. 

People of the Community

In 2010, Liudmyla Mala was elected as the head of the Ushomyr village council.

On the initiative of the village head, major repairs of roads of local importance and civil defense facilities are carried out in population centers of the community and energy-saving measures are implemented in cultural, educational and social institutions.

With the beginning of the war, the head of the community assumed responsibility for coordinating security processes and solving humanitarian issues of the community. Volunteers, medics, military personnel, local government workers, business owners and ordinary community residents are bringing victory closer together.

There is a children’s and youth school and various sports grounds on the territory of the community. Young people always take an active part in public sports events.

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