Vasylkiv community


Population  – 45 864 (as of date of community establishment in 2020).

Vasylkiv community consists of 1 city ( Vasylkiv) and 19 villages


The administrative center of the community is the city of Vasylkiv – one of the oldest in Ukraine. It was founded in 988 by Prince Volodymyr as one of the fortresses on the Stugna River to protect Kyiv. Therefore, in the chronicles from the tenth to the twelfth century, mentions of the city are associated with hostilities. Modern Vasylkiv was important for the defense of Kyivan Rus and its capital from enemies.

In 1240 Vasylkiv was destroyed during the Mongol invasion. The city fell into decline and turned into a small village. Its gradual revival began in the 70s of the 16th century.

The Anthony and Theodosius Cathedral. Source: Wikipedia
The Anthony and Theodosius Cathedral. Source: Wikipedia

The Anthony and Theodosius Cathedral

One of the key historical monuments of the city is the Anthony and Theodosius Cathedral. It is located on a hill among the ancient ramparts. The monument was built in the middle of the XVIII century. The main shrine of the cathedral is a miraculous icon of the Mother of God of the Three Hands.

The world’s known rooster from Vasylkiv

A photo of a kitchen cabinet from Borodyanka with  a ceramic rooster that survived the shelling became known all around the world shortly after the deoccupation of Kyiv region. It became the symbol of the steadfastness of the Ukrainian people.

Kitchen cabinets in Borodyanka with a ceramic rooster, which survived the shellings.
Kitchen cabinets in Borodyanka with a ceramic rooster, which survived the shellings.

These ceramic figurines used to be produced in Vasylkiv. A factory for majolica products (ceramic tableware and animal figures) was situated here. Currently, the production is planned to be restored. All necessary furnaces, industrial lines and artists are still preserved in the community. The only problem is that clay used in ceramics production came from Donetsk region. Now the supply of clay is being hindered due to  partial occupation and hostilities.

Transport development

In December 2021, direct trains were launched from Vasylkiv to Kyiv. As part of the Big Construction program of the President of Ukraine, Ukraine national railway company carried out the reconstruction of the railway infrastructure. Thus, suburban Kyiv train lines were extended to the center of Vasilkiv. 18 modern electric trains travel a distance to Kyiv in just 37 minutes.

Modern electric trains, traveling from Vasylkiv to Kyiv
Modern electric trains, traveling from Vasylkiv to Kyiv

Shelter for women domestic violence victims

Vasylkiv rayon became the first in the region to open a communal facility for victims of domestic and gender-based violence in 2019. Currently, women domestic violence victims from all over Ukraine and IDPs are being sheltered there.

Animal rights

Just like in many European countries, a cat, named Victoria, resides in the Vasylkiv city council. She came to the City Council a few years ago and stayed there. Now Victoria is a favorite of all employees and visitors of the City Council. Not only she, but also five of her kittens live in the city council today.

Community and the War

On February 24, Vasylkiv became one of the epicenters of Russia’s missile strikes on Ukraine. This is largely due to military units and the airfield which are located in the community. Adviser to the mayor Olha Klochko describes her first impressions of February 24 as follows: “As I opened a curtain, I saw a rocket in the garden.”

A school in Vasylkiv destroyed by Russian missiles.
A school in Vasylkiv destroyed by Russian missiles.

From the beginning of a full-scale war, the Russian military shelled the city. According to the adviser to the mayor, in the first week of the war, Vasilkiv was a target to 7% of all missile strikes on Ukraine . Also, in the first days of the hostilities a Russian IL-76 with paratroopers  was shot down near the city. However, the troops were partially able to land, and fierce fighting continued in the city center. At the same time, a fire broke out at a local oil depot as a result of the shelling. Despite this, Ukrainian Armed Forces defended Vasylkiv.

The news story of Ukrainian TV channels about the situation in the city after the fighting and shelling. Source: TSN

Nataliya Balansynovych
Nataliya Balansynovych

Vasylkiv mayor

The mayor of Vasylkiv is Nataliya Balasynovych. She was born and raised in Kyiv region. She graduated from Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv in 2006 and 2009. She received two higher education degrees. In October 2020, she was elected Vasylkiv city mayor. She ran as a self-nominated candidate.

The development strategy

The Vasylkiv 2030 City Development Strategy defines the following strategic development priorities:

  • formation of a strong local community and interaction of government with the community;
  • economic development aimed at a high-quality standard of living;
  • quality of social life and well-being of residents;
  • sustainable economic development and improving the quality of public services;
  • balanced spatial development;
  • tourism development in the city;
  • cooperation at the national and international levels.
Tomaszów Lubelski ( Poland)
Tomaszów Lubelski ( Poland)
Gori ( Georgia)
Gori ( Georgia)
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