Verkhivtseve Territorial Community


The Verkhivtseve territorial community is located in the Kamianske District of the Dnipropetrovsk Region. 

The total area of the community is 151, 27 km2.
The community population is 12,742 people (including 751 IDPs).
Women: 6,572.
Men: 6,170.

The community includes 11 population centres with the town of Verkhivtseve as its administrative centre. 


The Verkhivtseve territorial community was created in 2020. On the territory of the modern town, many burial mounds, settlements and cemeteries of the Bronze Age were discovered. This is evidenced by the collection of stone women gathered by prominent local historian Oleksandr Mykolaiovych Pol.

The manor of Oleksandr Pol, a well-known Ukrainian researcher, archaeologist, local historian and public figure, is located in the village of Polivske within the community. Currently, the building houses the Polivske village club.

О. Pol’s Manor in the Village of Polivske
О. Pol’s Manor in the Village of Polivske Source

On 3 August 2021, a memorial sign was installed in the town of Verkhivtseve at the place of burial of Jewish victims of the Holocaust.

Installation of the Memorial Sign
Installation of the Memorial Sign Source

Economy and Welfare

There are deposits of rare earth metals in the Verkhivtseve community, which are extracted by the mining and chemical company and the metallurgical plant.

Excavator Source

The railway services are one of the important components of the community’s economy.

Verkhivtseve Railway
Verkhivtseve Railway Source

Today, there is a private mill operating in the community. Now sunflower oil is produced there, which is in demand both in and outside the community.

 Mill in the Town of Verkhivtseve
Mill in the Town of Verkhivtseve Source

Verkhivtseve boasts Karate-do athletes who have won numerous prizes both within and outside the Dnipropetrovsk region

Busin-Kan Sports Club
Busin-Kan Sports Club Source

The Verkhivtseve territorial community has a strong football team that wins local and district competitions.

Verkhivtseve Football Team
Verkhivtseve Football Team Source

Community and War

There were no hostilities in the community’s territory. However, on 1 January 2023, debris from the downed kamikaze drone SHAHED 136 ignited containers with flammable substances of petroleum origin on the premises of one of the enterprises located in the community’s centre. Today, the company has resumed its activities and started working.

Missile Attack
Missile Attack

On the basis of the House of Children and Youth, the Centre of the Volunteer Movement was established in the community, where internally displaced persons received humanitarian aid: food, bedding, hygiene products, and clothes. There is also a 50-bed temporary residence centre for internally displaced persons. Since the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Verkhivtseve territorial community have received 751 internally displaced persons.

IDPs Temporary Residence Centre
IDPs Temporary Residence Centre

With the assistance of the Olena Zelenska Foundation, Verkhivtseve Lyceum No. 1 received 19 laptops in 2023 to ensure a high-quality educational process in martial law conditions. As a result, teachers will effectively continue the educational process and do everything possible to ensure qualitative education for every child.

Teachers of Verkhivtseve Lyceum No. 1
Teachers of Verkhivtseve Lyceum No. 1

People of the Community

Mykhailo Svitlyk (42 years old) is the head of the Verkhivtseve territorial community. He has a lot of experience in the agricultural sector, and local self-government has become a new and interesting challenge for him.

In 2020, he was elected Mayor of the Verkhivtseve territorial community in the local elections.

Mayor with his Family
Mayor with his Family Source

Since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, he has repeatedly visited the military and supported them on various issues.

Our Defenders
Our Defenders

Thanks to the solidarity of community residents and caring people, a lot of effort has been put into collecting funds for the needs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and IDPs.

Development Strategy

Road Repair in the Town of Verkhivtseve
Road Repair in the Town of Verkhivtseve Source

Among the priority areas of activity and tasks, the community plans to carry out the following works: 

  • constructing a water supply network,
  • constructing a new administrative services centre,
  • installing surveillance cameras in the community’s population centres,
  • constructing a public safety centre in the town of Verkhivtseve,
  • restoring the community’s roads,
  • constructing a central park in the town of Verkhivtseve,
  • reconstructing the water discharge facility.
  • creating a sports club. 

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