Vesniane Territorial Community


The Vesniane community is located in the Mykolaiv district, Mykolaiv region.

Total area: 34,201 hectares.
Population: 16,936 

Adults: 7,694
Children: 2,215
Pensioners: 1,986
Internally displaced persons: 4,997

The community includes 4 settlements and 13 villages, with the administrative center in the village of Vesniane.


The Vesniane territorial community was created in 2020.

Among the oldest villages of the community is the village of Kyriakivka, which was founded in the 18th century by serfs of landowner Kyriakov. Later, German colonists founded the small village of Shteinberg here. Today it is the southern part of Kyriakivka.

The manor house of local landowners Bohdanovychs has been preserved in Kyriakivka. A fairly simple two-story building with massive columns, it has been rebuilt several times during its history.

Manor house of local landowners Bohdanovychs
Manor house of local landowners Bohdanovychs Source

In 1791, another village of Petrovo-Solonykha appeared near Kyriakivka after the defeat of the Haydamak uprising (Koliivshchyna). Its founders were runaway peasants who were gradually made serfs, and Petro Bredykhin became the owner of the village. Thus, the name of the village combined the name of the landowner and the name of the once full-flowing local river Solonykha.

The village of Petrivka was founded by Bulgarians in the middle of the 19th century as a hamlet. Petrivka hamlet and Karlivka hamlet located next to each other were named after the sons of Count Peter and Karl. Ukrainians, Bulgarians and German colonists coexisted peacefully in the village. They were engaged in agriculture, sheep breeding, and gardening.

In 1899, the Petrivka brick factory started operations in Petrivka. It produced roof tiles, decorative bricks, which were in demand not only in the country, but also abroad. Today, these factories no longer exist. But a new factory, Santa-Petrivka was built on the site.

The village of Vesniane, the administrative center of the community, is the youngest of all its population centers. It will celebrate its 60th anniversary in 2024.

There are architectural monuments on the territory of Vesniane village council. One of them is the Church of Saints Peter and Paul, built in 1799.

Church of Saints Peter and Paul
Church of Saints Peter and Paul Source

Also, the community has a landscape reserve of local importance – Bondarevski springs. An ancient settlement of the Late Bronze Age was found on the area of the reserve, which was named Kryva Balka-1. 

Economy and Welfare

The community is rich in clay and sand reserves, natural watercourses, and ponds. A large area of the community is occupied by agricultural lands. Most of them are arable lands and pastures.

The community is mainly engaged in agriculture. Due to the sufficient amount of fertile and ecologically clean agricultural land, more than 30% of the population is engaged in agriculture.

Wheat, corn, sunflower, soy and other grain crops occupy the largest number of sown areas. There are also areas that are sown with grass crops and other technical agricultural crops.

The vegetable industry on the territory of the village council is one of the segments of the agro-industrial complex.

Other types of enterprises also operate here. One of these is the brick factory Santa – Petrivka which specializes in the production of bricks, tiles and other building products from fired clay and in the extraction of decorative and building stone, limestone, gypsum, chalk and shale, sand, gravel, clay and kaolin.

Santa-Petrivka Source

Also, in one of the villages of the community, there is a family winery Slivino Village – the first licensed craft winery in Ukraine. There they produce high-quality natural wine from grapes grown on the slopes of the Southern Bug River. Gastronomic evenings and individual tastings are also held there.

Slivino Village
Slivino Village Source

 6 schools, 6 pre-school education institutions, an inclusive resource center, a cultural center and village clubs operate on the territory of Vesniane village council. After school, children attend football, volleyball, boxing and Greco-Roman wrestling clubs and sections, and there is also an equipped gym.

The field of health care is represented by 6 health centers, a hospital’s outpatient clinic for general practice of family medicine and a Center for Primary Health Care.

 Vesniane Lyceum
Vesniane Lyceum Source
Classes in the football sports section
Classes in the football sports section

The community has necessary conditions for the development of green tourism and weekend tourism in the valley of the South Bug River. Everything is interesting there: old houses covered with reeds, fences built without cement, cobbled streets. Now it is a center of green tourism. In the complex, you can rent a gazebo, book a tour, ride horses, rent a bicycle, go on a boat trip or stay in the center’s park equipped with hammocks.

Park with hammocks
Park with hammocks

Community and War

Since the beginning of the full-scale russian invasion of Ukraine, all residents of the community, together with the leadership, have spared no effort to bring our victory closer.

Everyone works here: makes dumplings or canned vegetables, bakes pies or weaves camouflage nets. Even the retired donate from their small pension benefitss. Children try to cheer up the defenders’ spirit with pictures. In the days leading up to Easter, thousands of paskas (Easter cakes) and krashankas (hard boiled painted eggs) were collected and handed over to fighters and residents of liberated areas

Women of the community united to prepare food for the military
Women of the community united to prepare food for the military Source

The community constantly supports residents and internally displaced persons who left their homes due to the war with food kits and hygiene products, which it receives from charitable foundations and organizations.

Assistance to community residents
Assistance to community residents

Today, the community takes care of territorial defense force by providing it with everything necessary. Many residents of the community are in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Unfortunately, some of them lost their lives.

As of today, there are damaged multi-apartment buildings, private sector buildings, private sector non-residential facilities, general secondary education institution and general preschool education institution in the community.

People of the Community

Leonid Mukharskyi has been the head of the Vesniane territorial community since 2020.

Head of the Community
Head of the Community

His credo is to work on community cohesion and pool people’s efforts. During the war, cohesion is the most important thing. He organizes and adjusts the dispatch of humanitarian aid to the population that was under occupation.

 Aid to residents of the Snihurivka area
Aid to residents of the Snihurivka area
Aid to residents and defenders of Kherson
Aid to residents and defenders of Kherson Source

Since 2020, street lighting has been improved in the community.

Improvement of street lighting
Improvement of street lighting

The area was extended for the construction of facilities for the maintenance of life in population centers (garbage and waste processing facilities) – a solid household waste landfill.

The roof of the Kryva Balka Lyceum was also overhauled.

Kryva Balka Lyceum
Kryva Balka Lyceum

Major repairs of community roads are being carried out.

Major repair of roads
Major repair of roads

Current repairs of water supply networks and replacement of water towers are being carried out.

Repair of water networks and replacement of water towers
Repair of water networks and replacement of water towers

 As part of the ECHO4SCHOOLS-UA project financed by the European Union, repair work is being carried out at damaged education institutions.

Repair work in the Vesniane Lyceum
Repair work in the Vesniane Lyceum

Development Strategy

 The community has approved a development strategy until 2027.

Among the priority areas of activity and tasks, it is planned to carry out a complete reconstruction of water supply networks, improve street lighting and install video surveillance cameras in populated areas. Equally important is the maintenance of communally owned roads at the proper level.

Repair of roads
Repair of roads

A tender was also held for the current repair of the roof covering of the club in the village of Petrovo – Solonykha. Work is being carried out on the ongoing repair of the roof of the administrative building in the villages of Kyriakivka and Kryva Balka. The design and estimate documentation for the overhaul of the sewage pumping station has been developed.

The key task is the construction of an administrative services center and a family-type dispensary. A tender has already been held for the construction of the dispensary. Also, it is planned to overhaul the education institutions and the building which will accommodate the Community Police Station.

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