Voinyliv Territorial Community


The village is located on the right bank of the Sivka River (Dniester’s tributary), near the western slopes of the Voinyliv upland, 17 km from the Kalush railway station.

The territorial road Kalush — Burshtyn runs through Voinyliv.

The number of population was 6,477 people (as of 2018).
children aged under 0-14: 12%;
people aged from 15 to 59: 56%;
people aged from 60 to 69: 15%;
people aged 69 +: 18%

There are 1 settlement and 15 villages in the community.

With its administrative centre in the settlement of Voinyliv, the community was formed on September 26, 2017 through the merger of the Voinyliv settlement council and the Perevozets village council of the Kalush district.


Voinyliv as the centre of the territorial community and as the district centre (until 1962) has a rich history; however it was levelled downed – in architectural, infrastructural and, partly, spiritual terms during the totalitarian regime.

Local historian Teodoziy Korol (author of the book “History of the Eastern Gauls”) considers Voinyliv to be a large ancient metallurgical centre and an ancient town.

Ancient Hungarian Way
Ancient Hungarian Way

The local residents took part in the national revolution of 1648-1676.

The repeated Turkish-Tatar attacks caused significant damage to the town in the 17th century. On 24 September 1676, the Battle of Voinyliv took place during the Polish-Turkish War of 1672-1676 between the troops of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth under the command of King Jan III Sobieski and the Tatars. According to the legend, many Turkish and Tatar soldiers (Ukrainian – voiny) were captured during the battle, and from that time, the old name of the town Prokopivka was changed to Voinyliv.  

The town was successfully rebuilt and prospered. The scale of the former town of Voinyliv in 1701 can be judged at least by the presence as many as three Greek-Catholic parishes in the town.

The Saviour in Glory Icon
The Saviour in Glory Icon Source

After Voinyliv was captured by Soviet troops in July 1944, forced mobilization was launched and most of those mobilized never returned home.

In 1944-1962, there was a large torture chamber in the church located in the village centre (after Voinyliv lost the status of the district centre, there was no more need in the prison, and the building was demolished; the remains of hundreds of victims were excavated by chance in January 1991, when the heating line was being laid during the construction of a school. The remains of 228 people, including 51 children, were identified. The population was brutally terrorized by the Soviet authorities: the best household owners and conscientious people were deported to Siberia, farmers were forced to join the created collective farm “Promin”. 

In 1960, Voinyliv turned into an urban-type settlement. In 1963, the Voinyliv village council was reorganized into a settlement council. Some attention was paid to the development of trade and catering.

A vocational school was established in Voinyliv in November 1964 and a 100-bed district hospital was opened in October 1965.

Economy and Welfare 

In addition to Voinyliv, Dovpotova, Dubovytsi, and Seredni, the territorial community also includes four starosta-headed districts (12 villages).

Thanks to the U-LEAD with Europe Programme, which provided comprehensive support throughout the period, the Voinyliv settlement council received institutional and physical assistance for the establishment of the administrative services community centre in 2021, which provides 147 types of administrative services to the community residents.

A network of general secondary education institutions is well-developed here. There are ten of them (two lyceums, four gymnasiums, and four elementary schools), two preschool education institutions and two out-of-school education institutions (Children’s Music School, Centre for Children’s and Youth Creativity). Children are transported to lyceums and gymnasiums by school buses.

Voinyliv Professional Lyceum
Voinyliv Professional Lyceum
Voinyliv Kindergarten
Voinyliv Kindergarten

As part of the School Bus Programme, which was implemented using the educational subvention granted by the State and co-financing from the regional budget, four school buses now meet all the requirements for transporting children and have additional safety levels. The latest one was purchased for almost 2.5 million UAH in November 2022.

School Buses
School Buses Source

The employees and readers of the Voinyliv Lyceum library actively participate in various projects, actions, and events. For example, in the project of the Czech public organization “Association for International Affairs” (Asociace pro mezinárodní otázky, AMO), which promotes dialogue between Ukrainian and Czech teachers, methodologists and experts in the field of education.

In addition, the community actively establishes cooperation with libraries abroad, popularizes their region and Ukraine at the international level in the Republic of Slovenia and the Republic of Serbia.

The Centre for Arts and Culture, a communal institution, coordinates the cultural and educational services of clubs and libraries.

The educational institutions of the Voinyliv territorial community received 16 chromebooks from Google as part of the national project “A Laptop for Every Teacher” thanks to the cooperation of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine with the Google Company and with the support of the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, and UNESCO. Moreover, the training will be provided for teachers on how they can be used in their daily work.

Chromebooks from Google
Chromebooks from Google Source

The Voinyliv primary health care centre and 10 health centres, as well as 1 ambulatory clinic, operate in the community (village of Sivka-Voinyliv).

All-Wheel Drive Specialized Ambulance
All-Wheel Drive Specialized Ambulance Source

In 2021, the Regional Centre of Emergency Medical Services and Disaster Medicine of the Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Council purchased an all-wheel-drive specialized ambulance Citroën Jumper type “B” (for transporting patients, providing basic medical care and monitoring them).

The BUA SUR BUA-PEREVOZETS Enterprise, which specializes in the production of wooden building structures and carpentry products, has been successfully operating in the village of Perevozets for almost two decades.

In March 2022, the Voinyliv forestry enterprise of the Kalush forest district was one of the first to start forest reproduction in the Ivano-Frankivsk region: on an area of 1 hectare, foresters, together with schoolchildren and village residents, planted more than 3,000 saplings of common oak and linden. 

Voinyliv Forestry Enterprise.  Schoolchildren and Village Residents Care About Forest Restoration
Voinyliv Forestry Enterprise. Schoolchildren and Village Residents Care About Forest Restoration Source

Community and War 

From March to August 2022, a group of volunteers was formed from the internally displaced persons at the library of the Voinyliv Lyceum Educational Institution of the Voinyliv Village Council, the Voinyliv community, who established effective cooperation with the volunteers of the Joint Operation Centre (Kyiv) on the initiative of the library head and the Kalush district branch of the Ukrainian Library Association: they provided on-line assistance to victims of hostilities helping them to find safe homes and shelters all over Ukraine, often contacted volunteers from Kharkiv, Mykolaiv, Chernivtsi, Chernihiv and others cities when they received calls for help with food and medicine, because people often placed a request for departure, but then there was no possibility to leave or agreements on green corridors were broken. Mykola Kuleba’s “Save Ukraine” Charitable Foundation was repeatedly asked for help when people needed transport for evacuating children with disabilities or medical support on the way.

The library created all conditions and opportunities for internally displaced children to study, have intellectual and cognitive leisure time, and communicate. Moreover, food, dishes, and jars for the production of canned meat and trench candles for Ukrainian soldiers was collected in cooperation with the Stanislavsky Borsch Public Initiative.

Donation collection events for the benefit of the Ukrainian Armed Forces are constantly organized in the community in various ways.  

For example, in July, a charity volleyball tournament “Making Victory Closer Together” was held. Six teams from the community population centres took part in the tournament. Thanks to the caring residents of the community, UAH 9,430 was collected during the tournament, of which UAH 5,100 was the membership fees of the volleyball tournament participants. 

Charity Volleyball Tournament
Charity Volleyball Tournament "Making Victory Closer Together" Source

The volunteers of the Voinyliv territorial community were awarded the medal “Valour of Prykarpattia” and a certificate from the head of the Ivano-Frankivsk Regional State Administration for their activity.

Awarding the Volunteers of the Voinyliv Territorial Community with the Medal
Awarding the Volunteers of the Voinyliv Territorial Community with the Medal "Valour of Prykarpattia" and a Certificate from the Head of the Ivano-Frankivsk Regional State Administration. Source

 People of the Community 

On 25 December 2017, the former head of the Perevozets village council Mariana Masliak became the head of the Voinyliv settlement council of the regional territorial community. 

One of the main priorities of Mariana Masliak and her team is the creation of a new relations system between the government and the community residents. She also pays a great attention to the development of education and youth.

Mariana Masliak, Head of the Voinyliv Territorial Community
Mariana Masliak, Head of the Voinyliv Territorial Community

Development Strategy

The community cooperates closely with Goodvalley Ukraine, a Danish agricultural enterprise, which always participates in the Dreams Village Grant Competition.

Jury Meeting of the Dream Village Grant Competition. Goodvalley Ukraine, a Danish Agricultural Enterprise.
Jury Meeting of the Dream Village Grant Competition. Goodvalley Ukraine, a Danish Agricultural Enterprise. Source
  • Information and Media Cultural and Educational Activities

The implementation of this intellectual property of the Kalush town district branch of the Ukrainian Library Association – a social and educational project:  Creation of a Mobile Resource Information and Media Centre of the Kalush Town District Branch of the Ukrainian Library Association on the premises of a library of the main Voinyliv Lyceum library of the territorial settlement community (hereinafter referred to as MRIMC) – has a good potential. 

  1. The Mobile Resource Information and Media Centre of  

the Kalush town district branch of the Ukrainian Library Association on the basis of the library of the Voinyliv Lyceum, an educational institution of the settlement community globally, is planned for qualitative organization and implementation of the following three important work areas that will contribute to the information, communication, and economic capacity of both local book collections and the community as a whole: 

1) setting up and conducting effective promotional informational reading, cultural and educational events, maintaining the brand and a positive, attractive image of the community; 

2) developing and implementing local, regional, interregional and international relations; 

3) attracting additional financial and material resources for comprehensive development of the residents of the territorial community. 

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