Vorozhba city community


Population – 8413
Children under 18  – 694
Pensioners – 2208

Community consists of:
The city of Vorozhba and 12 villages – Voronyne, Hannivske, Gezivka, Kalchenky, Kryzhyk, Mykolaivka-Ternivska, Nagirnivka, Serhiivka, Tsymbalivka, Chervone, Cherevativka, Shkurativka.
The administrative center is the city of Vorozhba



The rapid development of the city began at the end of the XIX century, when the railway was built here, making Vorozhba a major railway junction. Here  the Vorozhba-Khutir-Mykhailivsky narrow-gauge railway functioned, which was in 1915 rebuilt into a broad gauge. Soon the settlement grew around the station. At the end of the XIX century there were almost 600 residents.

Vorozhba station
Vorozhba station Source

The railway station is a true decoration of the local railway. It was designed by architect Nikolai Jurgentz. Interestingly, the railway station was his exceptional project – he built mainly temples in Kyiv and the region. The railway plays such an important role in the life and development of the city that the city’s coat of arms depicts a locomotive.

The Intercession Church

The Intercession Church is the true pearl of the community. It is considered to be the oldest monument in Vorozhba. It was built in 1769-1778 on the site of its burned wooden predecessor. Originally, permission was granted to build a wooden church on a brick foundation. However, the parishioners and the priest managed to build the church completely out of bricks.

The Intercession church
The Intercession church Source

Community and the War

Sumy region is located on the border with the Russian Federation, therefore, the war affected it badly. The region was partially occupied, but later, the Ukrainian troops pushed the Russians back and they were forced to retreat. However, the departure of the occupiers from the north of Ukraine did not mark the end of the war for Vorozhba community. Russia regularly hits the community with artillery, air bombardments, and air strikes.

In addition, the community suffered heavy human losses in this war. On March 31, the residents of Vorozhba community paid their last respects to a defender of Ukraine Mykola Halytskyi. He gave his life defending his native country from the Russian aggressor.

Mykola Halytskyi
Mykola Halytskyi Source
Andriy Druzhchenko
Andriy Druzhchenko Source


Andriy Druzhchenko was born on May, 20 1979. He lives in Vorozhba.  He graduated from the department of foreign languages of Sumy state pedagogical university. In 2005 he was a deputy mayor. Since 2006 he has been elected a city mayor.

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