Voskresenske Settlement Territorial Community

  • Population: 15,521 residents (as of January 1, 2022)
  • Women: 8,276
  • Men: 7,245
  • Peple of retirement age: 3,930 (1,611 men and 2,319 women)
  • Children aged under 17 years: 3,008 (1,561 girls and 1,447 boys)
  • The community includes the village of Voskresenske – the administrative centre of the community, the village of Horokhivka and 4 starosta-headed districts:The total area of the community is 32,918 hectares, where 28,828 hectares constitute agricultural lands.

History and Everyday Life

The first written records about the villages of the community date back to the early 18th century. The centre of the community is the urban-type settlement of Voskresenske. At the beginning of its existence, the name Stara Horokhivka was also used. After the construction of the Church of the Resurrection (Ukrainian – Voskresinnya) in 1793, the name Voskresenske was permanently fixed.

Church of the Intercession
Church of the Intercession Source

The territory of the community is rich in archaeological monuments. This is the land of barrows, ancient settlements, Scythian sites, and ‘Three Wells’ – a historical monument, one of the stops on the Milky Way. The Cossacks who stood near them considered their water to be healing.

Voskresenske is located on the left bank of the Inhul River, 12 km from the city of Mykolaiv. The nearest railway station, Horokhivka, is 1 km away. Communication with the city of Mykolaiv is carried out by rail and road.

There are 5 institutions of general secondary education, 2 gymnasiums, 7 kindergartens, 2 cultural centres, a club, a music school, and libraries on the territory of the community.

Voskresenske general secondary education institution of I-III levels
Voskresenske general secondary education institution of I-III levels Source

The network of health care facilities on the territory of the Voskresenske community is represented by 5 family medicine dispensaries and 2 health centres.

Patriotic events in Voskresenske
Patriotic events in Voskresenske Source


At the beginning of 2022, almost 400 entrepreneurs were registered in the community.

The agro-industrial sector is the basis of local business. Here they are engaged in the production of grain, industrial and vegetable crops.

The well-developed trade network is represented by 84 stores and supermarkets.

Voskresenske fields
Voskresenske fields Source

Community and War

On February 27, 2022, residents of the Voskresenke community first saw the Russian invaders advancing from the villages of Stepove and Hreihove.

At that time, the Russian troops were rapidly moving towards the city of Mykolaiv. The territory of the community formed one of the directions of the attack on the city.

On March 4, 2022, during an attempt to cross the Inhul River, the Peresadivka pontoon bridge was blown up. The new bridge, 60% of which was built, was also partially damaged. Today it is a ‘path of life’ through which the residents of the village of Peresadivka connect with Mykolaiv.

Blowing up the bridge gave the Armed Forces of Ukraine the opportunity to prepare for defence and keep the city from being captured.

The ruined bridge/Author Lyudmila Melnyk
The ruined bridge/Author Lyudmila Melnyk

However, two days later, on March 7, 2022, Russian tanks appeared on the outskirts of the village of Peresadivka, entering from the other side of the village. The occupiers placed their artillery batteries and artillery duels were fought over the village for several days.

2 helicopters were shot down over the village of Kalynivka during the bombardment, and enemy aircraft flew in periodically.

In fact, at the beginning of March 2022, the villages of the community: Peresadivka, Mykhailo-Laryne, Hreihove, Vodokachka, Stepove, Chervone and Horokhivka were under short-term occupation, until the Armed Forces of Ukraine repelled the invaders.

Destroyed Russian military equipment/ photo by Mykola Bida and Vyacheslav Kozhukhovskyi
Destroyed Russian military equipment/ photo by Mykola Bida and Vyacheslav Kozhukhovskyi

The presence of the occupying forces here resulted in the mutilated housing of residents, broken windows of hospitals and educational institutions, gutted enterprises, agricultural machinery, fields littered with explosive shells, and broken military equipment of the Russian Federation.

As of September 17, shelling of the community has not stopped. The village of Chervone suffers the most.

The destroyed Chervone gymnasium/ author Felix Mozgov
The destroyed Chervone gymnasium/ author Felix Mozgov
A damaged residential building in the village of Chervone
A damaged residential building in the village of Chervone

Throughout the war, the community has suffered from rocket and artillery shelling, but thanks to unity and well-coordinated work, it was possible to eliminate the consequences of the destruction.

Consequences of the war
Consequences of the war Source

Since the beginning of the full-scale war, local and regional authorities have organized the supply of humanitarian aid in the community.

Delivery of humanitarian aid
Delivery of humanitarian aid Source
Distribution of aid
Distribution of aid Source
Assistance to vulnerable population categories
Assistance to vulnerable population categories Source

Volunteers, NGOs, and international foundations also help the community

Distribution of aid
Distribution of aid Source

People of the Community

Tetyana Bilozor, Secretary of the Voskresenske Settlement Council heads the community since July 21, 2021.

Tetyana Bilozor
Tetyana Bilozor Source

The nowadays Cossacks are being raised in the community. The movement of the Ukrainian Cossacks, which is managed by Pavlo Vepr, a resident of the Voskresenske community, operates here. Cossacks participate in Cossack war games throughout the country. Young people from many localities of the community are involved in the training.

Cossack Pavlo Vepr
Cossack Pavlo Vepr Source

The community values and pays great attention to the cultural upbringing of children. There is a cultural centre where young people organize concerts and art events.

Voskresenske Cultural Centre
Voskresenske Cultural Centre Source

The youth of Voskresenske are also involved in sports. Sports clubs operate and competitions are held here on the basis of educational institutions. Athletes bring many prizes and cups from away football and volleyball matches.

Sports Voskresenske community
Sports Voskresenske community Source

Development Strategy

Preparation of the Development Strategy of the Voskresenske settlement territorial community for 2022-2027 was suspended due to Russian aggression. However, the Plan of Socio-Economic Development of the Voskresenske territorial community for 2021-2023 was developed in 2021.

This plan records the main scope of activities: 

  • Economic development of the community as an agrarian-industrial and tourist centre (attraction of investments, development of small and medium-sized businesses);
  • Creation of comfortable and safe living conditions on the territory of the community (modernization, restoration and development of community infrastructure, comprehensive development of territories in the interests of residents);
  • Creation and development of a modern territorial community management system.
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