Zarichne Territorial Community


The Zarichne settlement territorial community is located in the northern part of the Varash district, Rivne region in the Polissia zone. The community occupies an area of 1,102.6 km2
The community was formed in 2020 as part of the administrative and territorial reform of 2015.
The community includes 31 settlements with the administrative center in the settlement of Zarichne, Varash district, Rivne region.

As of January 1, 2022, the population of the community was 23,958 people.

Women: 10,615
Men: 9952
Children: 4366
Internally displaced persons: up to 1,000 people.


After the end of the Polish-Soviet war in 1920, the territory was included in the Polissia Voivodeship of Poland. And on September 17, 1939, after the conclusion of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, the western part of Ukraine, including Zarichne, became part of the Soviet Union.

The Zarichne settlement territorial community was created in 2020 by merging the settlement and ten village councils. The territory of the Zarichne community

The first mention of the settlement dates back to September 27, 1480 and can be found in the deed of King Casimir. The former historical name of the settlement is Pohost Zarichnyi. The name comes from the Old Slavic common name “pohost” which means “settlement”.

The Zarichne area is unique in terms of its history, traditions, cultural and artistic assets. This is a land of full-water rivers, blue lakes, impassable swamps with its unique wormwood flora and fauna, which has no analogues in other European countries.

It is impossible not to mention Eastern Europe’s largest Regional Landscape Park – Prypiat-Stokhid. Europe’s largest narrow-gauge railway connecting Antonivka and Zarichne is another tourist attraction.

Prypiat-Stokhid Landscape Park
Prypiat-Stokhid Landscape Park Source

Economy and Welfare

The economy of the Zarichne territorial community is based on various enterprises: from tourism and recreation to agriculture. More than half of the population works at enterprises that provide services. The next most important areas of employment are agriculture, forestry and health care. On the other hand, the tourism and recreation sector is just beginning its development.

The main employers of the community are agricultural and manufacturing enterprises. Moreover, the activity of the latter is primarily related to the processing of the same agricultural raw materials.

Blueberry and raspberry fields
Blueberry and raspberry fields

The community’s area is partially located on the lands of the Nobelsky National Nature Park which is part of the unique Polissia Territory. This location makes the community’s tourist and recreational services really special.

Sunrise on Lake Nobel
Sunrise on Lake Nobel

In addition, the Zarichne area has tourist potential as there are a large number of historical monuments of national and local importance on its territory.

In the Zarichne community, the field of education works effectively, because a large part of the funds from the community budget is allocated to this sphere. There are 18 kindergartens and 22 schools in the community.

Zarichne Lyceum No. 1
Zarichne Lyceum No. 1 Source

Much attention is paid to the cultural enrichment of the population. There are 2 cultural centers and 24 clubs operating on the territory of the Zarichne community.

The Zarichne community takes care of the health of the population. There are 2 hospitals, 8 dispensaries and 20 first aid stations here.

Community and War

The Zarichne community became a reliable rear for the entire east and south of Ukraine. They baked bread and pastries, wove nets, made trench candles, molded dumplings, children drew pictures for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Everyone is provided with aid – from the military to the affected population.

The Zarichne community supplied all of Kherson with firewood after the deoccupation.

The community continues to help the Ukrainian army and all those who need support. Locals say they will help as much as needed.

Residents of the community collect humanitarian aid
Residents of the community collect humanitarian aid

People of the Community

Kvachuk Bohdan is the Head of the Zarichne settlement territorial community.

On October 25, 2020, he was elected Head and is currently holding this office.

In managing the community, he pays great attention to the development of the medical field, and also takes care of the preservation of cultural heritage.

The Head of the community hands over military aid
The Head of the community hands over military aid Source

 Development Strategy

The local government’s priority tasks are attracting investments, developing tourism, modernizing utilities, building, repairing and reconstructing roads, improving the provision of social and educational services, developing sports, increasing the level of environmental and energy security.

In preparing the Development Strategy, two main areas for development were chosen:

  1. A community comfortable for business. Available natural and labor resources, entrepreneurial initiative provide ample opportunities for business development. In addition, rural areas have great potential for inclusion of the recreational and tourist sphere in the economy of the community.
  2. A community comfortable for living. The community understands the importance of this sphere, because poor quality of life can lead to negative social and demographic consequences. Therefore, they are working on attracting investments, in particular, in the sector of production and processing of environmentally friendly agricultural products.
A sitting
A sitting Source

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