Zymne Village Council


The Zymne rural community was formed in 2015. In 2017, 2018, 2020, additional voting was held, following which three more village councils were added to the Zymne community.

The community consists of 7 village councils: in total, there are 30 population centres with Zymne being the administrative centre.

The total area of the community is 308.3 km2.
The population is 9,657 people (as of 2021).
13% of them are children of school and preschool age.
Internally displaced persons: 144.

The community is located at a distance of about 17 km from the border with Poland.


The population centres of the Zymne community have an ancient history and are famous for their historical and cultural monuments.

The village of Zymne is the centre of the united territorial community which has 14 historical monuments of national heritage, including:

  • The ancient settlement of Zymne – an East Slavic proto-city founded in the 6th century, a cultural heritage of national significance.
The ancient settlement of Zymne
The ancient settlement of Zymne
  • The architectural complex of the Zymne monastery, which consists of defensive walls with corner towers forming a courtyard protected from external attacks.
Zymne Holy Mountain Monastery
Zymne Holy Mountain Monastery

In 1001, Prince Volodymyr the Great founded a monastery on Holy Mountain in the village of Zymne. Legend has it that Prince Volodymyr the Great of Kyiv built a tower among the beautiful nature. It was probably his winter residence, where he often went hunting. Presumably, it was constructed here since Volyn came into the view of Western European politics.

There is a small Trinity Rotunda Church (1465-1475) to the north of the main buildings of the Holy Mountain Monastery. The Rotunda Church is the oldest type of church building, characteristic of the time of the followers of Cyril and Methodius, when Christianity was not yet an official state religion. Thus, it could have been built by students who preached the Christian faith in the Buh neighbourhoods.

Economy and Welfare

Geographically, the Zymne community is close to the powerful centre of economic activity of Volodymyr. Its remoteness from the transport arteries of the region and the rural nature of the area encourage the authorities and business to improve investment attractiveness, especially in the field of small farming and the service sector.

The agrarian sector of the Zymne rural community is mainly dominated by agricultural enterprises. The main specialization is crop production. Poultry breeding is the core business of the Limited Liability Company “Poultry Complex “Gubyn”.

Also, outerwear tailoring and research and experimental development in the field of natural and technical sciences are actively developed here.

In the Zymne territorial community, the field of education is effective as a major part of the budget is spent on it.

As of 2023, 7 institutions of general secondary education, 7 institutions of preschool education operate on the territory of the Zymne rural territorial community, where a total of 11,169 children study.

The Zymne community became one of Ukraine’s 24, where people with musculoskeletal problems will be provided free “social taxi” services from now on.

The special vehicle is equipped with an electro-hydraulic lift for wheelchairs, which can be controlled using a remote control, and special fastening systems that meet all European safety standards. In the vehicle, two people in wheelchairs and people accompanying them can be transported at once

Vehicle transporting people with disabilities
Vehicle transporting people with disabilities

There are 3 family practice dispensaries and 9 paramedic-midwifery centres operating in the community. Residents also use the services of the Volodymyr Territorial Medical Association. 

Community medicine
Community medicine

There are 3 football artificial turf fields on the territory of the community and the “Sports for All” centre. Football, basketball, and athletics clubs are organized on the bases of educational institutions.

The community has a large network of cultural institutions. The Centre for Culture and Leisure, culture houses, clubs and libraries function here. Amateur groups “Molodychky”, “Khmelivchanka”, library club “Odarka” operate at clubs and houses of culture.

Creative club
Creative club "Berehynia" operating at the local library in the Zymne rural community

Community and War

Since the start of the full-scale invasion, the community has hosted more than 800 forcibly displaced people. The Zymne Village Council, together with the residents of the community, arranged living conditions for these people.

Volunteer points have been organized in each village.

Every week, with the help of the village council, aid (equipment, outfit, food packages) is sent to soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Every month, employees of the village council and communal institutions collect one day’s earnings which are allocated to the aid for the military.

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the residents of the community, by their own efforts, have been collecting food for the residents of the territories affected by the hostilities. 

On the basis of educational institutions, teachers and community residents make trench candles, weave camouflage nets, and prepare canned meat for soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Making trench candles
Making trench candles

People of the Community

Community Head Vyacheslav Katolyk
Community Head Vyacheslav Katolyk

Vyacheslav Katolyk, has been the head of the Zymne Village Council since 2016.

It was on his initiative that the Zymne rural territorial community – one of the first territorial communities of Ukraine – was formed

On the initiative of Vyacheslav Katolyk, volunteer centres were organized in each village starostat and housing for internally displaced persons was arranged.

Charity concerts under the slogan “With Faith in Victory” are organized in the community.

Development Strategy

The Community Development Strategy for 2021-2030 has been approved.

The development strategy includes 4 strategic ones:

Strategic goal 1. Infrastructure: development of roads, energy saving, creation of recreational areas, household waste management practices.

Strategic goal 2. “Economy and partnership”: support of entrepreneurship, development of the community’s tourism potential, improvement of the investment climate, establishment of cooperation with neighbouring communities and foreign partners.

Strategic goal 3. “Quality of life and safety”: the growth of public activity, improvement of the quality of administrative and social services, effective education and medicine, as well as the development of culture and sports and improvement of fire and public safety

Strategic goal 4. “Digitalization of services and spaces”: focus on the development of telecommunications and information infrastructure in the community, further digitalization of public services, implementation of e-democracy and e-governance tools.

You can read more about the development strategy by following the link below


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  • Official website of the Zymne Village Council
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