Equipment for our firefighters from Polish friends

One of the first international funds with which Mena started its cooperation was Solidarity Fund PL in Ukraine. Thanks to this cooperation, we learned how to develop investment passports, implement social projects, think strategically, prepare urban planning documentation as a foundation for economic development in general, study the experience of decentralization in local government, learn how to find international partners, and much more. With the creation of the hromada, we immediately began to take care of the safety of citizens. Within the framework of the U-LEAD with Europe program, we have developed the groundwork and created our own fire department, directing our efforts and part of the budget funds to improve the civil protection of residents.

With the help of Polish experts, we studied the century-old experience of Polish firefighters and developed options for improving it at the local level, and we also studied options for improving the legislative framework in our country, specifically regarding the activities of local and volunteer fire brigades. Some changes have recently been reflected in Ukrainian legislation. In the Menska community, the first in our Chernihiv region, firefighters were trained and a municipal institution was created, which still saves property and lives of our residents from fire. In some settlements, residents, with the assistance of local farmers, also began to express their desire to join volunteer groups.

However, funding from the local budget is not enough for the quality work of the fire service, so specialized departments and the leadership of the local fire service have been constantly looking for and developing cooperation with international partner organizations. The International Solidarity Fund PL in Ukraine is such a partner for our community. Immediately after the mayor addressed the head of the Solidarity Fund PL office, Pawel Costa, with a request for firefighting equipment to ensure the effective operation of the local fire brigades in Makoshyno, Dyahiv, Semenivka, and Birkivka, we immediately received a positive response. And recently, this assistance has already been delivered to the Menska community.

Last week, during the 26th session of the City Council, fire helmets, shoes, fireproof and technical gloves, overalls, belts, helmet covers, evacuation loops, a fire escape ladder, a motorized pump, shovels, a chainsaw and an electric generator were handed over to the Mena Fire Department. Yesterday, Anatoliy Furman, the head of the local fire department, handed over the above-mentioned aid to his “firefighting colleagues” in Mensk.

On behalf of all the residents of the Menska community, the leadership of the city council and the local fire department would like to thank our long-term partners Solidarity Fund PL in Ukraine – Pawel Kost, Artur Grossman, Lilia Atnazheva, Roman Shevchun, Iryna Kudryk. We believe that the long-awaited Victory will come very soon and we will jointly implement many interesting and useful projects for the community.