Thankful hugs from Mykolaiv

We are pleased that we were able to successfully deliver relief supplies (food, hygiene articles, medicine, etc.) to our Ukrainian colleagues in Mykolaiv.

We hope to be able to support at least a little in these difficult times.

The humanitarian cargo was delivered by a local forwarding agency to the Polish border, from where our Ukrainian colleagues from Kamin-Kashyrskyi picked up the goods and transported them on to Mykolaiv.

Further details:

At the beginning of June 2022, the city of Sindelfingen sent a truck with humanitarian aid, which included food, water, hygiene items, medicines, etc.

The feedback from the city of Mykolaiv:

“Thank you very much for your help. Medicines were immediately handed over directly to the municipal hospital. First aid kits, canned food, bread, water, tea and coffee were partially handed over to the defenders.

“Dear Dr. Vöhringer,

on behalf of the Mykolaiv city council and all inhabitants of Mykolaiv to express warm welcome to you and all friendly inhabitants of Sindelfingen!

Today we are facing with an aggressive war against Ukrainians. Our country has been resisting for more than 3 months thanks to our Armed Forces of Ukraine, territorial defense units that are fighting heroically, rescuers, firefighters, doctors, public utilities and all other services that are fully give 100% and working to the best of their ability, and, of course, international support from around the world. Your city is one of those cities that responded quickly to our request for humanitarian aid. We are very grateful to your municipality and to you personally for your help and strong support. All aid will be distributed to local humanitarian centers and hospitals in the city.

We are very interested in cooperating with Sindelfingen and will be happy to consider signing a twinning agreement with you. Taking this opportunity, I convey my respect for you.

Mykolaiv sends hugs to Sindelfingen!


Mykolaiv City Mayor Oleksandr Syenkevych”

We thank you for the great cooperation with Kamin-Kashyrskyj and Mykolaiv! And we will continue to support you in the future!