Humanitarian aid for residents of the frontline city of Novomoskovsk

We are delighted to have successfully delivered humanitarian aid (food, water and medical supplies) to our Ukrainian colleagues in Novomoskovsk.

We hope to be able to support at least a little in these difficult times.

We delivered by local forwarding agency to the Polish border, from which our Ukrainian colleagues picked up the goods.

More details

The feedback of the Ukrainian city employee:

“Hello! On behalf of the residents of Novomoskovsk, let me express my sincere respect for your support of our country in this difficult time. Germany’s active position in support of Ukraine is an indicator of the sincere friendship between our peoples.

Here is a short report on where and what is used:

1. Part of the humanitarian aid was provided to the IDPs for temporary accommodation (3-5 days) in the gymnasium No. 7 (21 Mirahina Street), which is equipped with a dining room where food can be prepared. The number of IDPs is constantly changing, currently 326 people.

2. Part of the relief supplies were sent to the points of permanent residence of internally displaced persons who are in the dormitories of educational institutions: Novomoskovsky Professional Cooperative College. SV Litvinenko (785 persons) and veterinarian No. 48 (450 persons).

3. The strategic stock of dumplings was made from flour and potatoes. Part of the stock was taken to IDP camps and the other part was frozen.

4. Part of the aid was taken to the Humanitarian Aid Centre at 29 Palanochnaya Street, where refugee packages are distributed daily.

5. We also delivered food to the local military unit to support our defenders.

6. Three times we delivered food and sweets to the NMGO house, which is now not only a shelter for homeless people, but also for IDPs. Currently 48 people and 16 children live there.”

Many thanks for the good cooperation! We will continue to support them!